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Joomla Estate Agency (JEA) is a free real estate component for Joomla 2.5 and joomla 3.x. The goal of this extension is to be easy to use for end users and easy to customize for developers.

With JEA, you can manage properties in backend or frontend interface. You can add multiple images and manage features for each property. There is powerful search capabilities based on component features.

JEA is designed to be flexible and extensible :
Layouts can be easily overridden in your template and JEA can be extended with plugins.

-ACL management
-Rentals and sales management
-Backend and frontend management
-Automatic picture resizing
-Easy gallery management for each property
-AJAX search filter
-Contact form for each properties
-Geolocalized search
-Native translations : French, English and Spanish
-Native SEF
-Slider module
-Featured module
-Search module
-DPE plugin (Energy efficiency)
-Social plugin
-Joomfish plugin
-Plugin entries to extend the JEA core

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Reviews: 37
I have used some others and really like the JEA system. I had to do some playing to figure out what did what but now that I have it, just a huge thank you to the contributor(s)!!!
Reviews: 2
I downloaded this extension with mixed feeling after downloading so many others and just not getting joy in what they deliver.

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by this component and give this a 100% thumbs up.

Well done guys ! I would recommend Module class suffixes for the modules though.

Great JOB !
Reviews: 9
Excellent component, quality coding, nice features and totally free.
Congratulations to the developer and his team!
Reviews: 2
I have been searching for ages, for a component that can do everything i need for my website. This is an all in one package and it was so easy to set up. Well Done Guys!!! ;)
Reviews: 1
I got this module up and rumnning in just 15 min!!
I translated the lamnguage.ini into Dutch, piece of cake ;)
Reviews: 1
I like it very much.
However few things will make it excellent.
Rental Avalibaility calendar.
I have also modififed fronend with tabs.
I am working on developing avaliability module for this component.

Excellent open source structure.
Well done to developer
Reviews: 2
Hello all,

Having used nearly every Real Estate system out there for Joomla, I can tell you that this system works.

But not 100% out of the box.

You will have to dive into the language files, some .php and .css files to achieve the desired results. When you do this, you will end up with a nicely functioning Real Estate site. I also had to modify the Modules .php also. (all pretty easy fixes)

The front end, after translation and adjustments, works 100% (although I have tested only 1 agent).
There is no problems with the backend admin.

All things considered, I will recommend this if you are a developer and can get into the guts and do what you need. For the casual user it still works, but maybe not as expected.

Keep up the good work I'm sure better versions will be forthcoming.

Reviews: 1
I like this extension but there are many bugs in the latest Joomla version. It seems like every time you fix a bug a new one arises.
There doesn't seem to be much participation in the forum, but I'm not going to sit here and complain because it's free. If the bugs were fixed I would pay money for this. I have 2 other guys working on the bugs, if this gets too expensive I'll have to choose another.

This is my main problem:

1) The company has 5 agaents

2) Each Agent gets permissions to post and edit their own listings

3) The first problem was when the agent uploaded the first photo it sent you away to another page.

4) Now that that's fixed there are front end problems, like when you click a property after search it takes you nowhere.

5) When agents browses and selects main image it will upload it but it will throw you off the page so you have to find it again to post other pictures.
Reviews: 1
This component have future on the industry,
Thanks for your collaboration to our community on Joomla.
PS. I translated the language files for component and modules to pt-BR where do I put the files here?

Reviews: 1
This extension has saved me a lot of time - and I thank you for all the work that you have done.

I very much hope you keep refining JEA and continue to add features. I am looking forward to any future updates.

One question - I think I am being stupid - how did you create the search layout where you can check boxes for features? I would very much like to implement this.

Thanks again.
Reviews: 1
I am working on a Real State website for my brother We first considered the option of buying Moset’s Hot Property or even JXtended Catalog. But his budget is really, really short. Fortunately I found JEA. It took me no time to have it installed and running. In a few days I was able to translate it (almost completely) to Portuguese (Brazilian) and create some template overrides for de component and modules.

What I really liked is that JEA can easily be adapted for other situations / business, like car sales, boat sales to mention a few.

I think that it could offer a bit more flexibility in the output layout of the component without having to create an override, like the ability to show only the type / city / main picture and price of the property. The possibility to show properties in columns would also be nice. But since this is beta 0.7 I believe that this kind of improvement will come in future versions. I would say the same for the Emphasis module.

Congratulations for the great work Philip. As soon as I have finished my translation I will send you the files. I think this is the least I can do to help your development.
Reviews: 5
This may work well in French, however the translation is imperfect, and very little in the way of a support forum. They claim the default is now in English, but it's not complete and needs a lot of code editing to correct. Will keep checking for updates though as it could be a great component.
Reviews: 1
I am very happy with this component. It works well and this for free. I just had to translate the language.ini and that´s it! thanx a lot!
Reviews: 2
Coincidentally I was trying to fix the bugs yesterday when the developer loaded the new release that fixed them for me. There is some terminology based on Europe but there are ways around that.

I am converting an Open-Realty site and decided to go with this rather than CMS Realty.

With a little more options for configuration it would be worth as a paid extension.
Reviews: 1
I think this is the best free real estate module for 1.5 so far. It's very adaptable to your needs and stable. The only pitty is that there is no documentation/support. An active forum would be a good start. Lokking foward to new developments.
Reviews: 4
The Component looks good, and has the basic features needed. As Beta, it is definitely not ready for a production site. It should be remembered that many people who want to use CMS packages are not programmers or scripters, just people who need a good functional website. Joomla in general fulfills this need.

This component hasn't totally been configured for English users, with lots of French terms in both front and backend data entry points.

Also when configuring, the change-table function doesn't work, so Property Types is the only working function. I added Houses, Apartments, Land, etc., then switched to Towns or Department (should be County), but entries were added back to Properties instead.

I had to uninstall, will look forward to properly functional final release.
Reviews: 1
I've been looking around for a good real estate extension, and this one really seems to hit the target in terms of clean design and functionality. I strongly encourage the developer to roll on, you've really got something here!

I'd like to suggest a selectable random feed of properties to the front page.
Reviews: 2
It is a nice component, i will rate it with 5 stars to encourage the developer i hope. I the state that is now deserve 4 stars but it is free and it has potential i hope the developer continue the good job that started.
Reviews: 1
This is a really good job indeed!
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