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  • This extension requires registration to download.
  • CURL required
Real Estate Manager Basic it's a FREE real estate extension and property manager for Joomla 1.5 - Joomla 3.x.
Real Estate Manager allow Real Estate Agency and Real Estate Brokers manage property site.
With property extension you can upload photo, manage real estate categories and subcategories, displayed property on Google map, post comments, manage Rent and Buy Request and more other important functions for property site available for Real Estate Agency and Real Estate Brokers with Real Estate Manager Basic.

Component Summary:

* Full rebuilt data model, now site owner can set every property field name and values with help language file. So site owner can create any property field structure.
* Full Category & Subcategory support
* Uses GD for work with photo.
* User Rent Request function with calendar.
* User Buy Request function.
* Integrated [Search House] function.
* Integration with Google map API.
* Tab Users interface.
* Houses gallery.
* Fully language aware frontend and backend.
* English included, other languages can be downloaded from the website.
* Category & Subcategory show in Joomla pathway.
* Main Category list now shows Subcategories.
* Button [Add Review] with AJAX show-hide form.
* Dropdowns default to "All Houses" and "All Categories".
* Subcategories show clearer in dropdown boxes.
* Sorting improvements in [Houses Manager].
* Added checks for empty HouseID to [Houses Manager].
* Possibility to customize eHouse download URL.
* Administrator can add a direct link to an eHouse
* Possibility to assign different custom images to each Category (instead of having one standard icon for all)
* Sorting improvements in [Category Manager]
* Ability to assign different folder icons to Categories and Subcategories.
* House Review Management per single House
* Rent Request Manager in backend
* Buy Request Manager in backend
* Option [Show Reviews] with rights settings
* Option [Show Rent Status] with rights settings
* Option [Show House Price]
* Option [Show eDocument Download Link]
* Option [Set House Cover Size]
* Option [Set Items Per Page]
* Option [Custom Category Images]
* Option [eHouse Support] with location setting
* Option - Google map API key
* Sample data at installation time (for starting users)

Added very much new modules and plugins

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Reviews: 5
Very good Components, Modules, if necessary, very friendly and helpful Support.
Reviews: 2
its a great component for real estate sites. Easy to customize to suit any needs. The support is outstanding and they will even work on your site to sort any issues out. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
Very good package for free (!) that serves the basics to set up a straight forward real estate site. I'm using it for rental and that looks very nice.
I'm not sure if the paid version provides a better search module, the one included in the free package is unsufficient: it lacks searching on location etc. I need to talk to the developers to get that sorted out, once that's clear I'll update my review!
Reviews: 2
Absolutly grewat extension, and good support.
Reviews: 1
I donwloaded a template and some extensions. It has all you need for real estate management.
Also great support!
Reviews: 13
This is a good component. It's very easy to add products, add images and display a map.
The only downside is the search function. To search by city you need to type the name of the city into the search box and then check the city box, then hit search. I don't think users would understand this. Overall, this is a good extension, but search needs a bit of work.
Reviews: 1
Thank you for you excellent work. Very good extension for properties site.
Reviews: 1
Real estate Manager is a great & complet component. I bought the basic component and is very easy to work with and the front-end design looks good in any templeate. I'm very happy with the forum support, they asnwer very fast and with a very easy language to understand.
Reviews: 1
Every component, plug-in, module is coded differently and with a different vision. I decided to give Joomla2.5 a chance after 1.7 I moved to other CMS like Modx, EE, etc. Currently working on developing a real estate listing site I need to test and check what actually works and what I can modify to the needs of my client. I decided with this one. Many great futures, many solutions, out of the box contains almost everything you will want for free. Now the issue comes in when you actually try to implement it on the default Joomla design, bad codes, breaking stuff. For me it was a turn off because I know if it has issue working with a default theme imagine with a custom one. Documentation is bad, and hard to find. Once you go into the forums all they offer is their service on pretty much all the responses. You might say, hey is a freebie they need to make money. Yes, I agree. But if you are going to launch something for free in-order to increase your customer base, stand behind your product.

It has potential to be awesome addition, maybe the paid version don't have the issues the free one has.

Hope to work with this in a future version.
Reviews: 1
I created on this extension own Real estate website. Last version of
component has many new features, which facilitate the use of the component,
and provide new opportunities. For example I love the the booking calendar!
Reviews: 1
The extension is one of the best that you can choose for you real estate website. Also in the basic feature works very well and you can upgrade it in "pro" version in an easy and cheap way. Also online support is professional and fast.
Reviews: 1
Easy to install, easy to use! Support is great,requests are answered very quickly and friendly. If there is 5 stars!
My client was very pleased with it!
Reviews: 1
It's a good component and the support team are fantastic.
Component customizing .
Reviews: 1
This good choiese for me and and I hope will you! I make realesteate buisnes on this component. Thenk you developers!
Reviews: 2
easy to install and works out of the box.
its worth it
Reviews: 1
I had to make a professional real estate web-site in different languages, lot of design, and for a difficult client!!! I found everything what I was looking for with this component. It works great, they help you very fast in the forum and the "support" to get a personalized module is the best!!! Thanks a lot!
Reviews: 1
This component not only is satisfying but it makes you happy. you can always find new features surprising. In other words, you can find anything in this component relating to real estates even more.
Reviews: 2
Real Estate Manager is a very good property listing component. It works flawless. Support is really good. It is a perfect solution for a good price and quality!
Reviews: 1
Excellent tool for RealEstate sites. Very quick to answer questions in the support forum and always with a solution.

The code is very simple and is very easy to customize. And nice templates!!!
Reviews: 1
Thank you very much! Extension is very good. Support is good, too. Our company is very glad to have the new site on the basic of this extension.
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