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  • This extension requires registration to download.
  • CURL required
Real Estate Manager Basic it's a FREE real estate extension and property manager for Joomla 1.5-Joomla 3.x.
Real Estate website builder allow Real Estate Agency and Real Estate Brokers to manage property site.
With property extension you can upload photo, manage real estate categories and subcategories, displayed property on Google map, post comments, manage Rent and Buy Request in your free real estate website templates
More other important functions for property site available in new version of Real Estate Manager.

At last version of Real Estate Manager were added:
* Possibility add new special price to real estate
* Language associate houses on Editing (Adding) House
* New function select special price
* Rent real estate for night
* Apply button, while added new house
* Fixed calendar of rent property

The main features of Real Estate website builder are:
* Full rebuilt data model, now site owner can set every property field name and values with help language file. So site owner can create any property field structure.
* Full Category & Subcategory support
* Uses GD for work with photo.
* User Rent Request function with calendar.
* User Buy Request function.
* Integrated [Search House] function.
* Integration with Google map API.
* Tab Users interface.
* Houses gallery.
* Fully language aware frontend and backend.
* English included, other languages can be downloaded from the website.
* Category & Subcategory show in Joomla pathway.
* Main Category list now shows Subcategories.
* Button [Add Review] with AJAX show-hide form.
* Dropdowns default to "All Houses" and "All Categories".
* Subcategories show clearer in dropdown boxes.
* Sorting improvements in [Houses Manager].
* Added checks for empty HouseID to [Houses Manager].
* Possibility to customize eHouse download URL.
* Administrator can add a direct link to an eHouse
* Possibility to assign different custom images to each Category (instead of having one standard icon for all)
* Sorting improvements in [Category Manager]
* House Review Management per single House
* Rent Request Manager in backend
* Buy Request Manager in backend
* Option [Show Reviews] with rights settings
* Option [Show Rent Status] with rights settings
* Option [Show House Price]
* Option - Google map API key
* Sample data at installation time (for starting users)

Added very much new modules and plugins.
For more details about the extent of Real Estate Manager features see:

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Reviews: 2
Real Estate Manager is a very good property listing component. It works flawless. Support is really good. It is a perfect solution for a good price and quality!
Reviews: 1
Excellent tool for RealEstate sites. Very quick to answer questions in the support forum and always with a solution.

The code is very simple and is very easy to customize. And nice templates!!!
Reviews: 1
Thank you very much! Extension is very good. Support is good, too. Our company is very glad to have the new site on the basic of this extension.
Reviews: 1
The extension is very useful. It has lots of capabilities and settings. I guess it would have been difficult to realize the project without extension. Special thanks to support! Our company needed customisation and it was easy to negotiate with developers and make all the extras. There were some problems with extension but they were insignificant and support helped to solve all the difficulties.
Reviews: 1
Thank you!

We were need some change with property style show, and Real Estate manager support give very good help

Reviews: 1
This component is a great help to my site. Thanks for developers, and certainly for support!
Reviews: 2
Excellent component! Works perfectly. Easy installation, easy configuration. This is what i'll need. Thanx.
Reviews: 2
First, I want to say that the support is very good and I get answers fast! I recommend this component. very easy to use, as there are many different settings, you can use to modify the components to suit your needs.
Reviews: 2
Just perfect extension for Real Estate website. Thanks for excellent work
Reviews: 1
I installed the extension and yes, I had to add some debug lines to find out why it did not work with my Brazilian Portugues configuration after installing the language files from the website.

Well, the problem was found within the name of the language file. I changed brazilian.php into Brazilian.php and a second later the extension worked perfectly also in portugues.

I will make it short, with the English and German language configuration it worked perfectly. And the result is unbelievable. The usage is very easy.

I only advice to use a template with white background. My first template had a dark gray background which fit terribly to the RealEstateManager (without doing changes on it).


If you look for a easy to use Real Estate component, give it a try. I may have had some problems, but I solved them without giving at least a try to the support team. In the past I used a different extension which was not for free, which still don't work with Joomla 2.5 yet and which was much more complicated to customize.
Reviews: 2
This is a very good component.
Thanks for the work!

Highly Recommended!
Reviews: 1
I have been searching for it for a long time.It work perfect and thank you for
good support!
Reviews: 5
Excellent program but also excellent support! Ordasoft team responds quickly and find the right solution to customer needs.
Really great job!
Reviews: 1
I've tried almost every free component for Real Estate and this is the only one fully customisable and with excellent support!
I had some questions I submitted on the forum and they answered fast and to the point.
I highly recommend this product!
Reviews: 3
Good gomponent for realestate sites. Many good plugins andmodules.
Reviews: 1
That's good component with good support, many useful modules and plugins. Thanks Ordasoft for this product!
Reviews: 1
Excellent component!
Very qualified help!
Good attitude to the customers!
Thank you for your cooperation!
Reviews: 1
Before i buy the pro version, i wanted to test the basic version on joomla 2.5 and i must say its not fully functional. I don't know if its a bug or its supposed to be like that.

The problem is when i'm on a property and click on the tabs: main, location, all information or reviews it forwards me again to the categorys sale, old, new rent.

Best Regards
Owner's reply


For any errors we have forum and mail support !
Why you not show that error to support ?
We (ordasoft team) reply to all requests!

You first who said about that rerror


Reviews: 1
This is not a bad application just a couple things to note that I found when working with this. First you have to manually set your Google Map location by dragging the pin to the correct location on the map. I found this to be a very time consuming part of adding a new property. The other was you have to publish and approve every listing every time you make a change, again not the end of the word just a couple of things that made the applications more cumbersome then it needs to be.
Owner's reply

All look like or user not check component features, or not check documentation or simply wish write bad review. because all what about he said - he can change with help component config

Reviews: 1
Real Estate Manager is really great extension! It is easy to install and use. It works in all browsers. It can be extented with a lot of extra plugins and modules. I'm very happy with this component. Many thanks to OrdaSoft and especially to Andrew for his quickly & professional support!
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