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“Realtyna Property Listing (RPL) is an advanced Real Estate Application” based on Joomla. RPL provides necessary flexibility and scalability for creating small to large-sized websites with 10’s of thousands of properties and hundreds of agents.

For U.S./Canada only: In RPL you can add MLS RETS and IDX related fields to prepare your website for any further MLS Integration.

In addition, there are several compatible Real Estate responsive templates available for RPL based website in the Joomla Community.

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Reviews: 3
Using this extension was worth it. Awesome experience. Highly Recommended!!!
Reviews: 2
I worked with this plug-in to create a real estate website along with the RETS Integration. The support team addresses my issue and helped me by releasing an update.
Reviews: 1
I purchased RPL a while back and had a very good experience. I am doing another site and I have to say that their support has really gone downhill. They have gotten SLOW even for customizations. There is little to no communication. If you respond to a ticket it takes days to get a response. I recently had a small module customized and it's been a complete nightmare. It's been two months and it's still not right. The product is awesome...but their support has really gotten bad...down right horrible.
Owner's reply

This is a false statement because of the following reasons:

1. We have no open ticket that matches with your claim. Our support tickets are in the queue for maximum 48 hours and they will receive answer if we need more time to solve the issue.

2. We have no client named Bradly in past 6 months, unless here you used a fake name.

3. We informed our clients that if they are not happy with the support, they can open a ticket in management department and we will check the issue immediately. There is no complain as you mentioned to the management.

4. This is a paid component. Currently our paid clients have access to shopper approved page to to review us in a verified way. You haven't send any complain there as you don't have access there.

5. If you have a open ticket, you never responded to the ticket and complaining. You never tried to communicate with us. We have checked with all of support staff and team members. There is no such complain.

Reviews: 5
The component itself is very comprehensive and the best around. From their other products they provide they know the Real Estate very well and the Realtyna RPL covers all bases for every estate requirement.

I was really happy with the support and assistance I received from the staff. At first i was not apprehensive as I have never dealt with a firm in the USA. But I was assured and with many workers assisting my project and my client was extremely satisfied with the end result, and so was I.

I 100% will use them again and do recommend them. Fantastic!
Reviews: 1
A platform with excellent front design.

I highly recommend. Exceptional technical support.
Reviews: 1
Exceptional support and I must say that the rpl application is a great solution to our real estate portal needs.
Reviews: 1
I have been working with Realtyna for 3 years already and can confirm that it is the most flexible joomla real estate platform on the market. For serious companies who need versatile and at the same time good-looking website Realtyna has a lot to offer.

The support team has been very helpful and quick with fixing or explaining anything that I have asked them to.

The Realtyna team have done a very good job into developing a unique and easy to use system which requires basic web design knowledge to be able to use and modify all the features for them to fit into one's expectations.

Thanks Realtyna Team!
Reviews: 1
I have been working with RealtyNA for almost a year. The component is extremely comprehensive from a Real Estate functionality point of view but RealtyNA's real asset is their dedicated support team. They always give you at least 100% and always react in a timely manner. Great support.
Reviews: 1
The RPL team has helped me beyond my expectations, the programmers and designer are very knowledgeable, and always try to help you more than what you would expect from any other RE web solution provider. There is no small clients for RPL, everyone gets their full attention and they make sure that your web solution works flawlessly.

I'm very glad I chose them and will continue using their services.
Reviews: 3
With RPL I found a very good real estate component for joomla. The biggest problem for me has been, that the extension was made for US pages. In germany we have other things which are necessary instead of the number of bath rooms. But its highly scalable and the support works very fast, user friendly and for a fair price (I needed some customisations).
Please go on like this!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review.

From the day 1, RPL has been developed with the International market in mind.

We have made the system flexible in every way, that it can automatically be tuned to any market need. Some of the key features that contribute to RPL’s flexibility are:

1.The powerful Flex add-on enables you shape your Add Listing Wizard (Property Wizard) the way you want. You can change the existing fields, disable them or even add new fields according to your country standards.

2.The robust and flexible 7-level Location System, which can easily be matched with any country location structure. For example in the United States the location structure is State, County, City, Area and there is ZIP Code which ties to the State. In France, the location structure is Province, Department, City. And the ZIP Code ties to the City.We also release location system for Germany.
All these configurations are possible in RPL and even one step further, you can have more than one country, each configured in different way on a single website.

3.RPL supports multi-lingual websites in everyway. From the translation of the interface to many different languages, to enabling users to add the listing in different languages, and even in the sense of measurement units and currencies.

We invite you to have a look at RPL manual for more details:

You can find some of the multi-lingual websites of our clients in our portfolio page.

If you still need help, please submit a support ticket here: and our team will help you for setting your website configuration for Germany.

Reviews: 1
RPL is excellent recommend
Rpl is very powerful because I am implementing two websites. what I like most is the support, are very fast and friendly.

Thanks to RPL is growing my business.
Reviews: 1
I normally don't write reviews as I am a very busy real estate broker running a very large franchised office (400+ agents). I have to say however that I am so very impressed with this real estate office suite. As a former developer of video games, I can truly appreciate the hard work these professionals provide.

Not only are they receptive to customization projects, but they truly have the customer's best interest in mind. I've been given wonderful recommendations that I hadn't thought of and that would have cost me hundreds or thousands more had it not been for the honesty of this team.

In particular, Max has been a pleasure to work with. Actually, that is an under statement. I have worked under Senior developers and Lead developers before that have big ego's and think they know everything. Max always listens, thinks, plans and comes back with amazing solutions to our ever growing demands of the business.

The solutions that this talented group of programmers, designers and support staff is unbelievable.

I have been using Realtyna since February of 2013 and know that I will be working together with them 5+ years from now.

They offer very affordable customizations (although for most people, their out of the box solution is more than sufficient) and are worth every penny!

Thanks Realtyna for delivering a quality product and for PARTNERING with me and my brokerage. I thank you and so do the hundreds of agents who use this software to streamline and automate their business so they can focus on what is most important---Serving customers.
Reviews: 1
We planned to develop a specialised internet portal for hospitality properties. We came across different products during software selection, and RPL was one of the most complete on paper.
We decided to agree with Realtyna principally for their ability to answer our question and to propose solution to specific customizations needs.
The project came across long revision and testing due to the complexity of the platform functionalities.
The project took more time than planned, but additional features and client requests were satisfied with no troubles. We are now live and plan the next steps thanks to the Realtyna team.
I may say that our company is very demanding and therefore we stressed a lot the Realtyna team, in order to answer completely to our needs. They have been always helpful, willing and caring to us. The communication with them has been supported a lot by ourselves, as we are not in USA and we needed to tune the project management to complete the web application. For sure, they are able to handle very difficult and challenging clients as our company, they are always supportive and able to find smart solutions to solve customization problems.
The RPL software is powerful, scalable and integrable in different modules, therefore if you need components that can be added in different steps and with different goals, this is the product you are looking for!
A last comment about the people: all the team of Realtyna (Alex, Sina, Howard, Alfred, Francis, Max, Masi, Michael....hoping not forget someone!) were excellent in satisfying our requests. Thank you Realtyna guys! Support is prompt and complete, tickets are handled always professionally and in the shortest possible time.
We will continue to use RPL and plan new customizations with the Realtyna team.
Reviews: 1
By the past, we used RPL version 5, we were very pleased to get a very complete component but we found bugs on vacation rentals search with Availability calendar.
From now with the renewal version RPL 8, changes are amazing and give us whole satisfaction.
Special thanks to Masi, Albert and Mickael for their help during the migration process to RPL 8 version. Jean-Yves from First Oasis in Spain
Reviews: 2
I have sticky plastered quite a few real estate extensions in the past but Joomla 3 migration led me to this very capable product.

Bought it six months ago and it does almost everything we need. It has an intelligent method of handling data which makes it flexible to add/edit fields, email notification templates, local address', multi-languages, property tags, icons, categories and types.

The product isn't perfect but improvements and bug fixes are constantly being worked on. It has taken several months working on a beta website to get everything polished and working satisfactory. But we launched this week and are confident that the product will serve us well for a few years.

A word about support - excellent! Seriously it is the best I've come across for a while. Support tickets are answered in good time and the broad range of staff go beyond there duties quite often. The knowledge-base is also good but could do with more detailed customisation articles with examples of how to retrieve info from database.

No regrets buying this extension!
Reviews: 1
Since a year I use now RPL for publishing of adverts of real estate sales and adverts for booking of holiday homes. The years before I used some other components from Yoomla. What is the differentce between RPL and other? I ask for a issue and in a very short time, normally in only some hours or less, I have the answer. If I have a problem, in a short time the RPL team has a solution for me. The RPL component works stable, before with other I had always too much bugs. Result: This component from RPL is GREAT and also it works multilingual. Thank you, you always impressed me! :-) So, I can recommend it for other professionals and company´s in real estate business and renting of holiday homes.
Reviews: 1
This is an amazing system! The company also offers impeccable after-sales support. They reply in a reasonable timed manner and also offer you all the technical advise you may need.

Definitely I recommend their systems!
Reviews: 10
If it comes to features, it is one of the best components! Absolutely amazing and quite powerful extension, a little bit difficult to use at the beginning. I have to mention Alex who was awesome, when I have a problem to install and configure extension for the first time. It was very helpful. The video didn’t work and Howard helped to discover that it was Magic quote on the server. They offer paid support also if you need customisation. I love the features and flexibilities. Overall great and working extension. Absolute Recommendation!
Reviews: 7
If you can excuse the pun!

I have been seeking a component for a property website for my members for some months. I did look at RPL before but was a little hesitant due to the cost. I wish I had never worried about that!

The pre sales support was simply fantastic (Thanks Alex!) and my questions were answered quickly and efficiently

The after sales has also been fantastic! The product has to be one of, if not the best investment I have made with Joomla so far and I will never regret my decision to purchase.

It has everything a decent property site needs. These guys know their industry and know how to produce a great product. Keep up the good work guys (and gals) you are diamonds!
Reviews: 1
The last few months we ware looking for Joomla extension that will suits our needs. We have tried a lot of free and not free components. And when we first time saw Realtyna component we thought there is no way that we will pay such money. But when we realized what is standing behind this price, we decided to implement not only the core, but the Facebook app and App for tablets.

The support team is great, perfect communication, they answered on every question in within few hours. And believe me, I had a lot of questions.

Thanks a lot to Alex, and looking forward to work with you!!!

Finlay, this is a serious team behind Realtyna, willing to work and willing to help.

Best regards,

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