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“Realtyna Property Listing (RPL) is an advanced Real Estate Application” based on Joomla. RPL provides necessary flexibility and scalability for creating small to large-sized websites with 10’s of thousands of properties and hundreds of agents.

For U.S./Canada only: In RPL you can add MLS RETS and IDX related fields to prepare your website for any further MLS Integration.

In addition, there are several compatible Real Estate responsive templates available for RPL based website in the Joomla Community.

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Reviews: 1
RealtyNA allow me to setup my Real Estate Business in the way I wanted. The Out-of-the-Box application allows you to define most of the business scenarios for the industry. A very few customizations are needed, so you will not need to invest much more additional money. The implementation and support team is able to bring you to success step by step no matter your expertise level. They are really committed to your satisfaction. They listen to your suggestions, and they also improves the application so you are getting a better application all the time.

There are more Out of the Box features to be implemented, but I have to schedule my personal time to setup this features soon.

If you want to be away of technology worriedness and want to focus in your Real Estate business I recommend you 100% the RealtyNA Team.

I am user of RPL 7.8 with Complex Module and Facebook Module
Reviews: 1
I've been using Joomla since the Mambo days and downloaded tons of extensions over the years. RPL7 is so good I finally joined JED so I could write a review.

My clients had a rather unique concept for a real estate site so we chose RPL and worked with the Realtyna team on a customization project. It turned out a lot of what they wanted to do could be accomplished through configuration items within the FLEX portion of RPL. Emily, Max and Alex at Realtyna managed the rest of the customization project very professionally.

There are a couple quirks, primarily noticeable by people in the United States, but they are easily remedied through language and template updates. For example, the default property template shows the ZIP between the street and the city and some of the field labels use things like "garden" where US people would probably say "yard." This is very easily changed by either updating the language or creating a different feature item in FLEX.

There are a lot of add-on modules priced on an al a carte basis. If you have any questions about what you need you can always contact Realtyna and they'll let you know.

Each part of the software is pretty well documented. It helps to have a working installation when going through the documentation as some things can be a bit confusing if you just read about them.

There is a LOT to this extension, so it is probably better for people who have at least some understanding of how Joomla works. If you are looking to put together an extremely powerful real estate based site, you'd be hard pressed to find a better solution than Joomla with RPL.
Reviews: 3
Falang is now supported.
Very good support. Software has a lot of easy customizable Features.
Reviews: 1
Perfect Real Estate component, powerful and flexible, with all possible functions, very easy to modify parameters according to personal needs!
I don´t know very well to handle Joomla, but the support team is very quick and helps you with every problem, i ’am impressed, Masi helped me several times, in less then 1 month I have a new realestate website thanks to them!
A pleasure to deal with them!
Thank you and Congratulations!
Reviews: 4
I could not be more pleased with the Realtyna team and their work. The component is so full featured and robust that it has done everything we have required without any problem. Ray and his team have been a true pleasure to work with and have spent many hours customizing the component to fit my clients very specific needs. I can not recommend them highly enough.
Reviews: 1
The Realtyna RPL listings software has proven to be a greatly flexible and powerful listings system. All our support and customization requests (some quite technically complicated) have been addressed relatively quickly, professionally and in an affordable manner.
Reviews: 2
I did a lot of research on this extension prior to purchasing it and I must say that my expectations have been exceeded. I ran into numerous issues at first, but the support is amazing and all were eventually fixed. The support alone makes this extension 5 stars because if you ever run into a problem, these guys are there to help you fix it and I can't value that high enough. I also have hired them for additional customizations and they did a great job. I normally NEVER review any extensions, but I felt that these guys worked extra hard to make me happy, so I might as well give them a review. :-) Well done Realtyna!! I highly recommend.
Reviews: 1
This component not only is satisfying but it makes you happy. you can always find new features surprising. In other words, you can find anything in this component relating to real estates even more. give a high five Realtyna ...
Reviews: 2
I've tried other components similar to Realtyna.
Realtyna is very professional, very intuitive, easy to customize.
support is friendly, fast and efficient.
every detail was carefully thought out.
I am very happy to have found this component
I recommend to everyone!
Reviews: 1
Guys, I won't say it is only the best, but rather I would add more that it is also the only real estate component for Joomla that is so great and customizable that one would have to choose Joomla to have a real estate website because this component is based on Joomla!

No offense to anyone (I won't name any) but I checked all the open-source software for real estate (even outside Joomla) but was even more happy that this one is in Joomla because I love Joomla!

Realtyna is one of the most flexible and extensible extension I have ever found. Yes, the only thing bad that you would feel about it is that it's expensive but after you purchase it you would find its worth the money with such a quick and helpful support.

The top features that I found are:
1. Multiple measurement and currency units
2. Completely flexible property listing form
3. Completely flexible property search
4. Completely flexible agent profile form
5. Agent listing and search
6. Paid packages support with three payment processors included: Paypal, 2CO & Bank Receipt (Offline Payments)
7. Many many more. Checkout yourself as I cannot write every thing here.

I feel very confident that this would make the developers more motivated and innovative as I do not expect them to go and relax, since they have not only done hard work but still doing.

Keep up and we are following you for more surprises!
Reviews: 1
The software provides an excellent visual experience for end users. Not only is the product full of great features, the customer service goes above and beyond to accommodate requests including bugs,fixes,customization, etc. Customer service is there every step of the way to explain how to modify things for your custom user experience. We are just about to launch our site and are very confident our customers will enjoy their experience because of this software.
Reviews: 2
... but not excellent!!!
- no support for RPL to Falang (and joomfish for J2.x is not ready)
- Falang creator have developed a plugin to RLP but language switcher is not compatible (so.. no language switcher)
- not compatible with any SEF extension (so you can not translate URL, and other...) and that is very very important for SEO
- to expensive (but if you have at least 1000€ to spend, then you are ok)
- every single customization you must do it your self or you will be charged or directed to RPL manual
- assistance is not bad, they indeed respond in 48 hours but they are not friendly (sorry but that is the true!) and they will probably direct you to manual

Spite all of that that, CSS is ok (questionable), functionalities are great... probably the best realty component i haver used but my next choice, for sure, will not be RPL.. price and assistance are mandatory
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback.

- Multi Language Support

RPL has full multi-language support by Joomfish.

We have never claimed that our extension is compatible with Falang. We clearly mentioned in our website that RPL is compatible with JoomFish and unfortunately it's not available for Joomla 2.5 . We think it's not fair to blame us for this.

Anyway, as non-official statement, we have added the function for Falang Pro version for Joomla 2.5 which is not released yet.

- SEF: RPL have a full support for SEF by it's own engine

SEF extensions seems to be necessary for Joomla 1.0.x and 1.5.x and since Joomla 2.5.x have a full support for SEF, 90% of Joomla users are using Joomla default SEF for their websites which RPL fully supports from the very beginning versions.
In addition property pages generated by RPL, need a different type of SEF management that is taken care of by RPL itself.

- Price:

We do not agree that our solution price is high compared to the quality service and products that we offer. By browsing our website everybody can realize the amount of effort we do in providing ALL the necessary features for Real Estate market. In addition we provide one-to-one support that is very costly for us but very convenient for our clients.

- Customizations:

Of course you cannot find any developer to customize a solution free of charge, unless someone decide to do it as a charity.

As you mentioned there are 2 ways to customize a solution: 1- Paying for the customization 2- Customizing it on your end by using our SDK and manual. Since RPL has complete user manuals and knowledge base articles, developers and webmasters can easily customize RPL for their requirements and many of web developers have done that. Especially design-wise, you can see many websites on our showcase menu that is customized by the web developers.

- Client Relationship:
We have very effective methods for communicating with our clients. As a proof, you can refer to all the feedbacks of some of our previous clients, praising our support.
It is possible that due to language barrier, our non-English speaking clients misunderstand or misinterpret our communications.

Anyway we always try to improve our methods and services. Thank you for your suggestion.

We will release an update to support Falang as you suggested.

Reviews: 1
Fantastic support for a very mature software product -- well worth the money. We asked about a feature the software didn't have, and their excellent team very kindly decided to add it. They didn't have to, but in two days time, it was up on the site and ready to be customized for our layout and site look.

Thanks RealtyNA! You're great to work with!
Reviews: 1
Very good software. The RPL is very versatile, lots of configuration options. The Support is knowledgeable and helpful. Very quick response and help in everything. I highly recommend to everyone.
Reviews: 1
As a property development company we decided to start a site for property sales.We are completely new to this and could not have wished for better help and guidance than that which we received from Realtyna.Nothing to much trouble to them. We would recomend their product to anyone.
Paul Tinsley,Canary Islands.
Reviews: 1
I decided to buy realtyna real estate solution "RPL" after a lot of searching and reading several forums. My personal opinion is that this is the best way to go for a professional solution. I was sure before to proceed and buy RPL that it was best choice for me; but the surprice was the super A+++ support that Realtyna offers! They are really fast, precise and effecient.
Thanks to Reatyna I am now a Pro in real estate business.
Reviews: 3 is truly amazing! Excellent product and service. The technical team is always willing to solve any problems we encounter.
Reviews: 1
fter worked with several real estate listing components, I can say that I'm impressed by this one, with CRM ; Exclusive

Most important : the support is excellent and my answers/issues responded to and resolved promptly

Many thanks to all Realtyna team for this great component
Reviews: 1
This component is extremely professional and rich of features. Support is really quick and professional. They realize customization for a right price.
Reviews: 1
My thanks to all the gang at realtyna for their great support.I would recommend them as they were timely and fully supportive in all requests. We will continue to do business with them.
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