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“Realtyna Property Listing (RPL) is an advanced Real Estate Application” based on Joomla. RPL provides necessary flexibility and scalability for creating small to large-sized websites with 10’s of thousands of properties and hundreds of agents.

For U.S./Canada only: In RPL you can add MLS RETS and IDX related fields to prepare your website for any further MLS Integration.

In addition, there are several compatible Real Estate responsive templates available for RPL based website in the Joomla Community.

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Reviews: 1
Great group of guys supporting this product. I would ask for RPL 7 upfront as I installed RealtyNA6 and had to completely reinstall everything with RPL7. Make sure you have PHP5.3 on your server. But beyond all that, they continually responded and help me with all of my questions and made sure my site was running as expected and integrated. Excellent rating over here
Reviews: 3
When you are looking for a software solution, among several topics to have present, experience, quality and support are fundamental. This guys have developed a very flexible real estate system with a very important concept in mind, client success.
Reviews: 1
I've bought the Realtyna RPL in August and ordered some customization (now it's a part of Realtyna addons).
All works were done in a very high professional manner. Support fixed all problems in a few hours.
Component itself is the best product for professional RE companies and agents.

Thank you for your work guys!
Reviews: 1
We did a search for components of "real state" that could give us some guarantees of good work to provide decent access to our customers. We found this great product from Realtyna.

In addition to all advanced features that we can find, has a much more appealing interface than is usual to find in others components of it's kind.
Like all the Joomla community (and others) know, so important as the component is the support that developers can give us and at that point, Realtyna so far, has been extraordinary as they show interest in solving problems, they are quick and effective, all you can ask in a support team.

As developers of sites, we like that the components facilitate the creation of our own models and this component provides some freedom that for us is very important.

Other great feature it's the language managment, very easy to work... even without joomfish.

We hope they develop more joomla modules.

We recommend this product to all users of Joomla seeking the real estate component.

Reviews: 1
Recently I bought RPL core and optional add-ons. I had an experience in Joomla 1.5, but for me it was difficult to istall the component to Joomla 1.7 site. Guys from Realtyna support team timely reacted to our requests. They instructed our system administrator how configure PHP, they participated in all stages of installation and configuration. Now the component works flawlessly.
Reviews: 1
Excellent product and service. The technical team is always willing to solve any problems we encounter - Hein
Reviews: 1
I use the RPL Software on 2 websites now and highly recommend it. Out of the box, it has everything you need and the support provides customisation options at reasonable prices if you need it. The support team always respond quickly and have helped me with a range of issues and probably gone beyond their responsibility on numerous occasions now to help me get things bang on. Give these guys a try - you won't regret it!
Reviews: 2
After considerable research and experimentation with the other offerings, I decided to go with Realtyna RPL. I have been developing a real estate solution his product and am not disappointed with my decision. This product and the development/support team are very professional and Realtyna RPL is simply the best Joomla realty solution available.
Reviews: 1
Recently bought the RPL and I must say after some tweaks and constant contact with the RPL team, we mamanged to configure and now is working like a charm. These people know what they're doing and are dedicated professionals. Whenever I asked a question they responded promptly and always with an answer. Very satisfied with the product. Highly Recommended! :)
Reviews: 2
I decided to choose Realtyna RPL for a redesign of my client's real estate website. She wanted something she and her associates could easily update and manage from their own office, with minimal web experience or computer skills. I am SO glad I chose Realtyna - it has been a breeze for my client to learn and the team at Realtyna has gone above and beyond in their support while I am learning the back end management myself. Their interface is nicely designed and clean looking, and the end result is a very polished look for a real estate website. I'm VERY pleased with their service and their product and would highly recommend!!
Reviews: 1
I use this extension for a property advertising website and i must say it has been very helpful. Also the technical support is one of the best out there. Every problem i run into has been resolved and my website runs perfectly....
Reviews: 2
Have received brilliant support throughout the installation process - not that it was overly difficult, but ran in to a couple of issues re host server capabilities, which the support team were able to advise and recommend solutions to.
Reviews: 1
I'm using RPL Realtyna to develop my turisme site. Everything is very easy and team support is absolutely extraordinary.
Very very good.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review ,

As we received number of questions about tourism search , we should clarify that some of our creative users defined a listing type named "Tourism" (same as vacation rental) and they activated availability calender add-on. This is how the "Tourism" function can be achieved in RPL .

Reviews: 1
I recently decided to evaluate Realtyna Real Estate system for one of my website. I had used EZ Realty before.

The capability, features, ease of use and excellent website template of Realtyna Real Estate solution has by far exceeded my expectation and I am considering to use Realtyna for professional website with multiple language translation.
The software is exceptionally easy to use by general user with almost no learning curve. More than that its fun and a joy to use Realtyna Real Estate solution. I am now considering to upgrade to Realtyna Real Estate CRM in few months.

Rizwan Ashraf
Reviews: 2
I'm the CTO/Lead Programmer for the company I work for. We were tasked with having to build a website for a well known Canadian realty company. This software seemed like the most promising joomla extension out there but we would have been better off had we started from scratch and built our own.

Here's just a few of the issues we found:

- Invalid Markup (Listerally hundreds of errors)
- Deprecated Markup
- Extremely poor programming and code formating
- Completely bloated and repetitively redundant code
- Totaly bogus code at one point I came accross: if (1 == 1)

Old functions aren't refactored or replaced, they're just duplicated and renamed eg. function search()... function search2...

- Hard coded inline css and markup
- Hardcoded parent categories that are even built right into the database tables

I'm absolutely stunned at the quality of this extension and can't believe it's even as functional as it is. Totally unprofessional.

I absolutely cannot believe that this has any positive reviews...there's just no way.

As a programmer and from a users standpoint, I'm totally shocked and disgusted with this extension.
Owner's reply

Who are you (with no history) in JED to question previous reviews made by professional and genuine Joomla users?

(Just FYI , the review before yours , is made by a user with 42 previous reviews , even before we join to Joomla Community!)

We can guess who you are . you asked for free MLS integration in return of your customized designs which were of no use to us and we rejected your request .

It's becoming popular in JED directory to blackmail developers with a bad review to get free work and we are going to stand against this unprofessional behavior.

Reviews: 23
Do i know anything about real estate? No nothing but i thought it would be a great idea to have a website and giving homeowners and agents the opportunity to offer their Greek houses and other properties on a websites which is based in the Netherlands. I’m not doing whole Greece but just a Greek island. I’m self-employed, run a business and this was a private thing. All my websites and those from clients run on Joomla. At first i had a different component that should do the job but that was a very big disappointment. Was very buggy and its support was terrible. That’s what you get when you make fast decisions and don’t look around to see what’s on the market. When i did a simple search on Google i saw "realtyna", didn’t had a clue what it was as i was looking for Joomla stuff. But it was in fact a Joomla component and looked very different than the other stuff i owned and what i could find at the Joomla JED. I asked Realtyna some questions and it didn’t took long for me to decide. Let’s go for it. What i liked was the fact that Realtyna offers a payment processor so i could automate things, others don’t have that, not like Realtyna. So i bought it, set it up, and was happy that realyna offered support beyond their scope because i really needed it. So now i can sit back, relax and enjoy a full real estate site that runs by itself.
Reviews: 1
I am very grateful to Realtyna Support Team for their continuous and relentless assistance. This extension is very handy and useful.Whenever I have a problem these guys come up with quick solution and deliver really best results. I am so happy and lucky that I bought RPL product. I wish RPL Team keep on being succesful.

Best Regards from Murat. Kiev Ukraine
Reviews: 1
Wow, what a great property listing solution! RPL has all of the functionality that you would expect to find in a commercial property component and more.

The support has bbeen really good as well, with most issues being resolved and questions answered in 24 hours.

I would highly recommend this application to anyone who has a property listing requirement.


Reviews: 1
I have been more than happy with the software and the support team at Realtyna. The RPL module works exactly as I want it to, all thanks to the support team and their great responses to all my questions. I would suggest this extension to anyone.
Reviews: 1
I'm currently in the middle of a development using RPL. What I really like about this product:
- great support: fast and specific response, if need be they login and fix the problem.
- the back end: it is really extensive
- its future: RPL is being actively developed, I can even launch feature requests. Not that I get everything I can dream of :)
- real multi-language support features.

What about the front end? Well I guess that's my job.

Make sure to allocate enough design & development time as this is not small piece of code.

Keep up the good work guys!
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