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“Realtyna Property Listing (RPL) is an advanced Real Estate Application” based on Joomla. RPL provides necessary flexibility and scalability for creating small to large-sized websites with 10’s of thousands of properties and hundreds of agents.

For U.S./Canada only: In RPL you can add MLS RETS and IDX related fields to prepare your website for any further MLS Integration.

In addition, there are several compatible Real Estate responsive templates available for RPL based website in the Joomla Community.

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Reviews: 1
Absolutely great support from these guys, fast, helpful and go the extra mile !! am still getting into the program itself but they have been a real help with the installation support thus far !
Reviews: 4
We bought RPL few months ago for a Hungarian Real Estate Website. The modul is excellent, we got exactly that, what we wanted, the translation module is amazing, we could translated everything to Hungarian without any problems.

The Realtyna Support Team is very helpful, if we had any question, they answered it very soon, and solved all of our problems within a few hours or days (it depended from the problem). What we cannot handled they did it for us immediately.

So, I can only recommend this extension to everybody who want use a professional property managing extension in Joomla!


Peter Horvath and Istvan Ordas
Reviews: 3
This is a great component, with excellent support, i really recomment Realtyna.
Reviews: 1
After using a free product for our estate agent website we decided we need a better, fully support product to take us forward, after looking around we decided on Realtyna RPL and can safely say we have not look back..

Installation was quick and easy with little configuration required to get it up and running and with some help from there design team they were able to customise my current template so it we were able to use it with their software,.
The product has loads of features and like previous posts I have read they do continually bring out updates to the software including new features at no extra cost, adding properties is quick and easy with their smart looking frontend property wizard which saves you having to logon to the backend to add properties.
But where this company stands out compare to the rest is the level of support it offers its customers, they truly do help and also listen to their customers.. even when there product does not have a feature that you need.. they will not just turn you away.. but will try and help you find a solution or even design that feature into the next version at no extra cost. what more could you ask for!

So if you have look for a Estate Agent Software look no further..

Just like to say a big thank you to the team at RPL for all the support and keep up the good work.


Reviews: 1
Very Good Support ! Help us to solve our questions quickly and good communication.

Reviews: 1
The Realtyna RPL is the most comprehensive Real Estate listing component available to Joomla developers. The support team is second to none as they make themselves available at all hours of the day or night - most impressive. Having access to someone who Cares to Help, is priceless.

We have been developing a website which uses the core component as basis for a very customized site which needed extreme willingness to be creative while attentive to the schedule of the project - very professional group - I would highly recommend for not just the list of extensions which are developed by this group but for custom development of other specialized modules etc...

Communication is excellent using their support ticketing system as well as occasional access via Skype chat was very important for us while communicating custom requests.

I thank every one of the team members like Mike, Ray, Giselle, Alex and others for working through some challenging solutions - keep up the great work!

I wish I could provide a 6+ star rating for this team.
Reviews: 1
This component and the people behind it have been so helpful and really enjoyable to work with. Bit dearer than any other component but it's worthed!!
Reviews: 1
I'm working on a project which needs lots of customization. RPL is indeed a wonderful system as you could edit the template layout to suit your needs.

The problem with complicated joomla plugins is when you are stuck you got no one to turn to. BUT RPL proved me wrong! They do their best to answer all my questions and fast too!

The system is also always updated with new features. It just get better and better.

Reviews: 1
Excellent technical support. They will help with everything you need with a accurate and prompt service. The script is fast and clean. It has a lot of tools you can use.

Feel comfortable buying this. It worthy it.

Reviews: 1
We purchased this component after a long research and have been more than just satisfied with their work and support . awesome customer service. worth every buck we spend.
keep up the good work coming.. new update is fabulous.
thanx for the component.
Reviews: 2
Thanks to Mike Farmer, Sina and everyone else at Realtyna RPL for the great effort and getting back to me on my many questions and requests. The product is great and the people in Realtyna are fantastic to work with!
Reviews: 1
I am really happy with the quality of work delivered by Realtyna. We did a project that was specific and required a lot of customization and the result is really great.
I am also particularly happy about the support provided during the project life. All questions were answered quickly, with details and professionalism. And the end result is fantastic!
I really appreciated working with Realtyna, and I am looking forward to work with them again on other projects.
I would highly recommend Realtyna for any projects.
Reviews: 1
This is a great group to work with!! Very courteous and fast.
Reviews: 4
I took on a real estate website project with the hope of using Realtyna to provide a highly customized solution for the client. The software itself does everything I need, and the code and styles are easily configurable.

The documentation on their website appears to be out of date (v4, using v5), however their support team are fantastic with excellent turnaround times. They even logged onto my server to assist with the installation and configuration.

Using Realtyna I hope to break into a new niche market for these kinds of sites, and I have every confidence in the product. Well done.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your comment . For you information the Manual is updated now and you can download it via documentation and support links . (Version 5.x and higher)

Reviews: 1
Realtyna is a very good program for Joomla. Technical support is smart people who can handle. Thank you for the program and for its use. I look forward to further cooperation.
Reviews: 1
Realtyna is a team with a soul!
they are the best team i ever work with!
professional at all topics!
developer , design and service!
i buy the product and i make a lot of upgrade and the team is doing the best and fast at unusual hours to solve problem to my project!
i like to work realtyna and recommend all of you doing so!

Reviews: 1
Realtyna is the best Real Estate Extension for Joomla. I have tried nearly all real estate extensions and this tops them all. I required a specific requirements and this met everyone. The folks at RPL have the BEST support I have experienced with extensions and addons for any platform. Save time and money and get this extension.
Reviews: 7
we have been using this product quite for a while. We are completely impressed with their solutions for realestate markets. Though they are having a well professionally written documents for both front end and admin panel, we always raise a support ticket with them to address our questions (not issues), honestly their turn around time is less than 24 hours with clean answers.

In general as a user, we/I endorse this beautifully craved Joomla Extension wholeheartedly. Its worth buying!

Reviews: 8
This extension is everything you can ask for. It has a very good assortment of features you would expect and want.

I am in the U.S. PST, and when I submit a support ticket in the afternoon, I receive a response by the end of the day. I have not had to request a 'fix' because nothing has been broken. My support included CSS, some modifications I wanted to make to the code, and sales.

The support is responsive, timely and honest. They offer free installation.

The software has an automatic update feature that will save you time and energy. You can elect not to update.

I liked the product, the service and support so much that I bought their Multi-Site Admin component, which is a gem. Updates all of my remote Joomla site core files safely, securely and reliably.

I haven't found anything I don't like about this product.

If you are looking for a real estate solution I highly recommend you try this out. It comes with a money back guarantee.

On the other hand, I tried all, not some, but all of the other solutions and they just don't compare. You will spend more time trying to get them to operate correctly than it is worth. You will spend days trying to get support that doesn't exist. Trust me! Try this one out and become a convert!

You get what you pay for. Don't miss this extension. You will waste your time with the others. I promise you.
Reviews: 2
Not only does this product deliver in terms of functionality and value for money; the team behind the project also over-deliver in customer support.

In this case a mere five star review; does not in my opinion, accurately convey the actual lengths that this company will go to satisfy the customer.

It is testimony that the long forgotten work ethic; "that the customer comes first" is once again alive and is the founding principle for the Realtyna team.
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