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“Realtyna Property Listing (RPL) is an advanced Real Estate Application” based on Joomla. RPL provides necessary flexibility and scalability for creating small to large-sized websites with 10’s of thousands of properties and hundreds of agents.

For U.S./Canada only: In RPL you can add MLS RETS and IDX related fields to prepare your website for any further MLS Integration.

In addition, there are several compatible Real Estate responsive templates available for RPL based website in the Joomla Community.

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Reviews: 2
My name is Colin Valencia from URL removed. I recently purchased the RPL component for a client site URL removed and, from the beginning, their team has been MORE than helpful. I love their product, the support they've provided, and hope that I have an opportunity to use and review the rest of their products. Thank you RealtyNA!!!!
Reviews: 1
I have been using the Realtyna system in Joomla for about 2 months now and I have all great things to say about this company. This extension is very impressive and comprehensible. The back-end management is continually being developed to offer unprecedented features for the front-end management.

I was looking for a Realty listing framework to start a quick turn-over property site with the potential for multiple agents, featured properties, hot offer, and several ways to categorize the listings. This has it all and then some. The database is very well organized and the amount of content for each listing is exceptional.

The support is phenomenal! Every time I had a question or needed support, they seemed to be online. Within hours I would get a response back! At one point they even offered to login and check the code on MY site.

The product is great, well worth the money, and the support makes this extension a 5 star for me.
Reviews: 3
The team at Realtyna offer some of the best support I have ever experienced with a software product. They reply very promptly, fix any problem on the same day and have even incorporated new features that I requested. They are very friendly, courteous and helpful.

The Realtyna Property Listing Software offers many more features than any other property listing software I looked at. It is able to be used for any application, from a large, international property website to a small, local rental property management site. It is quite flexible and allows you to customise many aspects of the property display.

All in all I think it is an excellent product that will meet the needs of any property application.
Reviews: 1
7am Sunday morning having problems installing the Magic Updater - suberb responses from their support desk - up and running in no time at all.
It does exactly what is says it will - very pleased customer !
Reviews: 1
Well i was always looking for one nice lil smooth program for real estate, but i never found what i was looking for. The problem is everybody is thinking in open source, so that it is very regular that everybody also think ... "you dont have to pay"!
I was not sure for first, but i am optimist so i give a lil trust and pay for the produkt.

a first class support and everythink what belongs to it and the programm. Them peoble are great and help like crazy, in good couple hours they take care of everthing and even during the job they take care of you over skype,
and even them lil extras you need , they also take care about this. Everythink works great my programm is perfeckt and its a user programm so everybody can work with, you see immediatly that software is made from profis!

I really dont think i pay to much or i have problem with this, becouse i already work with it during other peoble still trying out the open source for free.

Well sometimes free is not free time!

Thanks on Realtyna, you all make great Job and the progi is super!
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