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ExtendedMovies allows you to create an online database of Movies similar to the popular website.

It gives you the possibility to add movies, TV shows, plays and/or theater pieces in your DB and share this information with your visitors. All important information associated with these can also be added. This includes the actors, producers, directors, and anything else you may want to add. If that is not enough, you can also create complete actor biographies and associate them with the Movies that they have been in, reference movies by genre, and create keywords for each movie which allows the users to find other movies with the same tags. Images and videos have also not been forgotten so you can add pictures of the actors, posters for the movies and include a trailer or other video to get your visitors interested.

ExtendedMovies give you the abilty to add:

Movie Posters
Release Date
Actor Biography
and MUCH MUCH more

ExtendedMovies also comes with a variety of modules:

ExtendedMovies Control, allowing you and specified Joomla group members to add/edit movies and actors from the front end of your Joomla site
ExtendedMovies Genre Search. A dropdown list of Genre your members can select for easy searches
ExtendedMovies Latest Movies
ExtendedMovies Most Recently Viewed
ExtendedMovies Wishlist

We have many more features in store for this one of a kind Joomla Extension.

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Reviews: 3
To all of you that have been looking how to make an IMDB site, this is for you! You can create any sort of movie database with it (and soon tv shows/series and anything that has episodes in it). I highly recommend this, it saved me A LOT of trouble searching for a Joomla! extension that does everything this one does!

And the support is amazing, it really is! They won't leave you alone till your problem is fixed, thank you for creating such an amazing thing. :D
Reviews: 1
I was looking for some extension that can help me create people and movie online databases and this extension answered the solution. ExtendedDB is the easy-to-use extension. At the beginning, there were some technical issues needed to be fixed on my website. Their staffs were very helpful and supportive. I very appreciate their help. Overall, I am happy with this extension and their support team. Keep going! Cheers!
Reviews: 3
And extension that Joomla! was missing for long time, couldn`t find any specific to build a movie db website, with this new extensions all movie lovers could now build their own movies website without having to learn too much things like using a CCK component or so, simply install and start building your movies website.

Recommend it!