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Vehicle Management Component (VEMACO) ComponentModulePlugin

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
VEMACO is a vehicle management component for Joomla 1.5, 2.5 and 3.1!

Visit our new demo website! The shown login can be used for testing our component.

- Support for Joomla 3.1
- Mark vehicles as "Featured"

- Dynamic/chained dropdown lists
- Generate offer number automatically

- Create your own vehicle class (e.g. boats, trucks, etc.)
- More than 6100(!) car-, motobike- and caravan-models are pre-configured. A lot of pre-configured attributes (extras, colors, etc.)
- Create your own attributes if you would like to store more information than the included ones
- Decide how you would like to display your new attributes (e.g. dropdown field, checkbox, etc.)
- Create your own frontend views via drag & drop functionality
- Additional language: Spanish!


- Create unlimited dealers with contact information, etc.
- Add unlimited employees / contact persons for each dealer
- Direct registration of dealers in frontend

- All future updates for version 2.X are included and can be downloaded free of charge
- Languages: German, English, French, Dutch, Estonian
- Supports multi-language functionality of Joomla 2.5 (Translation of descriptions and all attributes by yourself possible!)
- install/uninstall vehicle attribute translations seperately
- Edit / Insert new makes, models or attributes by your own (e.g. new colors, extras)
- A lot of pre-configured attributes (colors, extras, gearing mechanism, etc.)
- Upload unlimited amount of pictures for each vehicle (pictures will automatically resized)
- Presentation of the pictures in Lightbox with gallery function (Slimbox, Lytebox)
- Configurable image dimensions
- Contact Form for each vehicle (can be send to several mail addresses)
- Supports different currencies
- Insertion of a discount price
- Visitor counter for each vehicle
- Marking of sold vehicles
- Supports user permissions of Joomla 2.5
- Template functionality included (Creation of individual templates possible)
- Display of specific makes/categories/types at vehicle lists on frontend
- Editor Plugin (Link of vehicles in normal content)
- New field "offer number"
- Attachment for each vehicle (e.g. pdf file with specifications)
- Meta Data for each vehicle
- Insert offers without any limitations
- Locking of vehicles (will not be shown on frontend)
- Insert / Edit of vehicles in Frontend
- Reports
- Excel export of reports
- Import / Export of vehicles (XML)
- Detailed search form on frontend
- List and detail view
- and many many more....

Additional modules (included in VEMACO package):
- Presentation of the newest verhicles
- Presentation of TOP offers (highest discount)
- Presentation of random vehicles
- Presentation of special offers (

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Reviews: 2
I have used vemaco, there are many good features. You can create many themes for some clients not good about css.

Some suggets I will send to you late.
Thanks !
Reviews: 1
This extension was just what I was looking for for my website. It was not perfect at first, but Stefan was so prompt in addressing all my requests that I was able to straighten out all the details in just a few days to make it work exactly the way I wanted. Great features and easy to navigate. You can't go wrong!
Reviews: 1
This component is powerful and effective. It is easy to configure and have working on your site. Best part is the replies to support tickets are almost immediate. Great work guys!
Reviews: 1
Had a look around for other components, but finally chose vemaco and I'm not disappointed at all. 5 stars ! I definetly recommend this component if you have to create a car dealer website !
The component is working perfectly straight away, and the staff is answering quickly ... I wish every extension had this kind of support ! thanks again stefan !
Reviews: 1
Not only the component, modules and plugins are very usefull. The Support is outstanding! If you have any question, a problem you will get help within a few hours (or minutes!).
Reviews: 4
This is an out of the box working solution. That just keeps getting better. I have dealt with very few developers who deliver the standard of support that Stefan and Dirk provide. Support aside the product is simple yet powerful enough to allow you maintain a vehicle sales site.
Reviews: 2
Does exactly what it says and more, much more, I cant thank the support staff enough for their fast and helpful response. They even help me modify the code to suit my own site. Well done for producing such a great product.
Reviews: 1
Extremely high level of configurability, easy of use, great documentation and the most important thing - extremely good support! As an advanced Joomla user, I was able to find all the answers on my own, once had to look up for User Guide, and just once had to contact support and had received answer with solution 7 minutes later. You just can't wish nothing better than that.
Reviews: 3
This extension was exact what i needed.
After some adjustments on the server it works perfect.
the support was good and very helpful.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your positive feedback. The system requirements are listed in our product description. But now enjoy our product.

Reviews: 1
Being a Joomla fan I was on the hunt for an uncomplicated vehicle managment component.

VEMACO has hit the sweet spot, so to speak. It has taken away the mundane issues and replaced them with things that work.

Thank you.
Reviews: 2
Very good component. The best what i found for Joomla! in this category. And of course fast and good support.
Reviews: 1
Great module to start with a car dealer website. Includes motorcycles, caravans and cars.

I certainly recommend thisone.
Reviews: 3
Hi, i'm absolutely amazed by this component. This is really a perfect component. Super support. I contacted them on sunday, and got an answer in 10 minutes. Thought it was coincidence. The contacted them again on monday night , still response was at the speed of lightning.
Definetly the right choice for me and my recomendations for everybody. Keep up the good work guys
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a car dealer extension and found this solution. Works perfect, clear, concise, easy to use, good documentation and excellent support. Each time recommended.
Reviews: 1
We took a chance on Vemaco as there were no reviews for a new product, but the demo site and screen shots were very promising.

I tried a couple of free solutions which were difficult to use and gave a not so nice end result. We are very happy with what we have got with Vemaco. I think it is a bargain.

The structure of the solution is very good and well thought out. Using this has been a pleasure, configuration is easy and the whole package is very intuitive. As I am inexperienced with Joomla I do not think anyone will have much trouble using this.

The supplied data sets for vehicle make and model saved a lot of time, as did the French language file. It was very quick and easy to set up and has a good manual in English. All the configuration is easily changed through the back end and it all makes sense.

The ease of use for the end product was quite important to us and the use of drop downs and tick boxes is working well.

The vehicle images are re-sized by the system which helps a lot when uploading from a variety of cameras.

The search module works well too, with simple and advanced searches using drop downs and tick boxes.

The support for this has been great, we have had a few questions for them so far and they answer quickly and always solve our problems, even though they were not related to the product.

Overall I cannot recommend this solution enough and I feel it is worth more than we paid.