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JS Autoz ComponentModulePlugin

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    #002: /jsautoz/site/views/common.php
    #003: /jsautoz/site/views/vehicle/tmpl/vehicle_reviews.php
Are you looking to increase your car dealership's online presence and attract new customers?
JS Autoz help you online presence

Major features
-Easy Installation
-Vistor/user can add vehicle
-User can edit vehicle
-Radius search on GeoCoordinates
-Multiple image support [Admin configurable] -Automatic image upload, resize, and thumbnail creation
-Support for youtube video
-Support for google map api
-Unlimited Custom Options Fields
-Multi currency formatting support
-Tell a friend
-Meta description for vehicle
-Meta Keyword for vehicle
-Basic Hit Counter per Listing
-Sale Pricing
-Built in search
-Search Engine Friendly URLs
-Buyer can search vehicle by radius

-Seller (visitor) can add vehicle
-Seller (user) can add vehicle
-User can edit vehicle.
-A comprehensive vehicle from
-Add unlimited images [Admin configurable]
-Auto resize images

-Buyer can view new/used vehicle
-Buyer can filter vehicle on location, geo-coordinates, make, model, year and condition based
-Buy can search vehicle
-Buyer can browse vehicle on condition base
-Buyer can browse vehicle on make base
-Buyer can browse vehicle on city base
-Buyer can browse vehicle on model year base
-Buyer can browse vehicle on price base
-Buyer can browse vehicle on vehicle type base

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Reviews: 1
It's the first time i'm using this component and it is really good, it is what i've always wanted and it has an excellent support. Thanks to the creators of the component.Keep up the work.
Reviews: 2
An amazing quality joomla component! Not to mention the quick and professional support. Will not use any other component for any vehicle site. Keep up the good work guys.
Reviews: 3
I installed the free version of this extension and it met my basic expectations. After a few days of testing, i bought the PRO version, Its da bomb..... All the issues i had were sorted by support for not more that 12 hrs. Thank you for the Great Support.
Reviews: 1
and great support!! I'm testing several extensiones like this, but definitely I love it. Module "vehicles by makers" shows that i want.
Many thanks.
Reviews: 1
The best free extesion for joomla autodealer website
thanks for free version :)
Reviews: 6
It was overwhelming at first, with whole myriad of configuration options, but sticking with going through and learning it all - pays off! I'm in the process of making a site for a motorcycle shop/dealership, and this extension helps!
Great component, thank you!
Reviews: 6
I am really happy with the support provided by developers. They sorted my complex issues like fetching records on list view, sorting, thumbnails etc... Really happy with support. Recommended !!!
Reviews: 2
Good! But need to more options or configurations for output iformation
Reviews: 1
I am happy with this component because I've tried many other components and give excellent assessment. It has a wide variety of modules and plugins and works with 3 new Joomla.
Reviews: 1
First of all we had to admit that js autoz is the first vety good try that its provided for free and its gives a lot of real good tool to work with.Excelent support i have the free edition i send them a message at 3:00 a.m and they answerd me,Great work and really trustfull
Reviews: 3
Tried to use this addon and while the concept behind it is good, it's still classed as beta and this definitely is. If the developers work out the niggly little problems it could be a good product. Instead i am likely to opt for one of the commercial items on here.
Reviews: 1
I bought the business version a few days ago, I am developing my website in localhost so i have not yet activated the package. i get some php errors when i click on new or the used vehicles link in the buyers control panel on the frontend of my website.
Reviews: 13
I have been using Ahmad's JS Jobs for a quite long time now and then this JS Auto, just tested it today.

He is the best in non-commercial components, and very very flexible. When we needed customization, he helped me personally and has always been helpful either on emails or forums.

Such guys should make softwares and others need a rest!