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RD-Autos Single Dealer ComponentModulePlugin

- Managing (unlimited) vehicle makes.
- Managing unlimited models (related to a make)
- Import makes and models (CSV)
- We offer you a makes and models package also
- Featured cars/vehicles on top of list.
- Uploading images.(UNLIMITED)
- Resizing images. (GD2 required)
- Hitcounter per car!
- Special prices to logged in users.
- Edit and Add/Apply vehicles
- Managing 1 PDF file per vehicle. (Need to create it your self)
- Lightbox images in your own format
- Multi Language Component
- Send to friend Function
- Enquiry Function to dealer
- Category Pages with description
- Lots of Configuration
- SEF Url's based on Joomla Route System
- VIN & Stock Numbers in Front and Backend
- Human Tests Before submitting Enquiry or Send To Friend
- Advanced search pages with clean results.
- Makes and model Import System
- APK & Bovag and NAP Guarantee for dutch users.
- All Emails Are sent in HTML formats, can be changed by admin
- Several Prices and formats available
- Improved Search in backend
- Ordering vehicles like you want as set in the backend.
- Full Inventory Pages (All vehicles in one page)
- Metakeys & Description to vehicles
- Configurable dropdown menu's at category page.
- YouTube Support in Lightbox (Joomla 1.7 versions)
- PDF Crowed Support for online PDF Creating
- ACL Levels added in management/administration
- Native Captcha (no plugins required)
- Unlimited Vehicle Options by Checkboxes and manager
- Sold Vehicle Categories
- Vehicles can be posted in several categories at once.
- Multiple image uploader has been added in v3.0.1
- Completely Responsive (Bootstrap)
- Fully Multi Lingual

Also available in PRO version to serve dealers on your website! Checkout our website for information.

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Reviews: 3
The support I received from Robert from RD Media was the best I have had for a long time. Emails where replied to fast, and changes to the extension we asked for were done just as fast, A1 extension.
Reviews: 41
I have an OLD version of this extension that a client has been using for years. During the redesign of their site, I of course looked at all the vehicle extensions available for Joomla. In the end, I chose to purchase and install the latest from Robert. I am running the Single Dealer version on Joomla 3.0.3 and it is working perfectly! Not a bug in sight.

The extension, while easy to use in the past, has gotten even more intuitive. As an additional bonus, it REALLY runs FAST!!! The back-end admin panel just blazes through adding vehicles, even when uploading 6 large images with each. I cannot say whether this is all because of advancements with RD-Autos or partly because of the newest Joomla framework, but the results are astounding!

I found the default extension styling (front-end) to be clean, crisp and professional. Like the admin area, the front-end runs extremely fast. The image processing being used (for vehicle photos) produces great quality shots while keeping file size to a minimum. SO nice to see a developer just build this in from the get-go - Robert knows his customers and he designs the system to JUST WORK.

As I found in the past, the support is outstanding. Not only are the responses fast and helpful, Robert is ALWAYS courteous. Anyone that has spent enough time in Joomla knows that's not always the case.

In short, this is an exceptional extension backed by incredible support. Thanks, Robert!
Reviews: 1
The support from Robert is fantastic. Quick, efficient and friendly.Everything works fine.
Very helpfull component
Reviews: 1
Whitout any doubt!! the pre-sales support fast and profesional! and after that everything is really fantastic, Robert has solved any question and problem. The component is all I needed and runs really nice.
Reviews: 1
Robert was very helpful and gave excellent support. An extension definitely worth buying for both the quality of the product and customer care.
Reviews: 2
This component is evolving. It started out good, and with the developer's EXCELLENT support, has continued to improve. I needed a sold category to accommodate my dealer, and he was both fast and friendly in helping get it done. The component displays the vehicles very nicely. A good choice for exactly what it is designed: A single dealership. The cost is very reasonable.
Reviews: 1
Maybe it's because he's also dutch (his english is perfectly fine btw) but this is really an extention where you don't only get what you pay for, but also the support you need.

Robert helped me solving a problem that even wasn't his fault. It was a problem with a setting of my server.

Anyway I'd like to thank Robert for his support and I created an account just to review and rate!
Reviews: 3
I use the component for a client website for over 3 years and they are verry happy with it. Last week I had a litle problem with the site. My subcription wasn,t longer valid but Robert helped to solve the problem! Thats great support! Bought a new subscription and download the newest version. Great and simple extension!
Reviews: 1
After using this component, I had to make some changes as per client specifications, I opened a ticket and Robert responded to me within the hour, changes made, client happy, I'm happy.

Great job!!
Reviews: 8
It is a excellence extension with excellent support Great Job!
Reviews: 1
I purchased RD Auto's Single Dealer component for a Fiat Van dealer I was building a site for and I have to say that the Support you get from Robert is excellent.

Any problems are usually resolved within 24hrs, even if he's on Holiday!

The component is reliable and quick and is very easy to work with. All in all; highly recommended! *****
Reviews: 1
Contacted Robert for captcha-support on a Sunday(!), got answer same day. Problem solved within one day. Extension and support highly recommended.
Reviews: 3
Contacted Robert with some intial questions and was answered almost immediately. The demo site is great and very useful to see what the product can do both front and backend. Excellent!!
Reviews: 2
I've try this one out and it's working according to my needs but unfortunately there just only top category and parenting category can't be done. It'll be more better if it's included
Reviews: 1
Very nice extension !!!! it's very good.
Fantastic support !!!

i agree !
Reviews: 1
We have switched from Autostand to RD Autos.

We have been using RD Autos Single dealer for just over a year, what a pleasure!

I give Robert from RD Autos 11 Stars for support! We also purchased the RD Autos Pro version what a pleasure!

If you are stuck, send a mail and he gets back to you within a very acceptable time-frame. Always!

Of all the Components tested this far for Autos, this is worth every penny.
Reviews: 1
Yess, I used this component and I have been very useful and effective. :) Thanks
Reviews: 1
This is the perfect component to create a professional look of presenting cars to the audience. After the installation everything works smooth.

The service is above expectation. Questions are answered within an hour
So from my point of view no further search is needed when a car presentation is needed in you site.
Reviews: 8
After researching the availability of a component that would allow my client to be able to manage his inventory of cars for his car sales on his website easily, I chose RD Autos Single Dealer hoping that it would be straightforward to customise the views to match my clients template.

Installation is very simple and easy.

I'm not a PHP expert but found the code easy to read and easy to customise, and the same for the CSS. I was easily able to extend it to automatically post a Sold graphic into vehicle listings that were marked as Unavailable. I did have some minor issues and questions which were answered very quickly by Robert.

I can thoroughly recommend this extension, it's worth every penny. If you're considering using it, the only very small criticism I have (which Robert is aware of) is that the makes and models database is really essential to purchase alongside the component, as although there is the ability to add makes and models of vehicles, it requires you to enter a different part of the admin interface to do so before you can list a vehicle of that make and type.
Reviews: 1
Support is very good en fast.

This component is written very clearly. You can very easily adapt this component to your needs.

Thank You Robert.
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