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RD-Autos Single Dealer ComponentModulePlugin

- Managing (unlimited) vehicle makes.
- Managing unlimited models (related to a make)
- Import makes and models (CSV)
- We offer you a makes and models package also
- Featured cars/vehicles on top of list.
- Uploading images.(UNLIMITED)
- Resizing images. (GD2 required)
- Hitcounter per car!
- Special prices to logged in users.
- Edit and Add/Apply vehicles
- Managing 1 PDF file per vehicle. (Need to create it your self)
- Lightbox images in your own format
- Multi Language Component
- Send to friend Function
- Enquiry Function to dealer
- Category Pages with description
- Lots of Configuration
- SEF Url's based on Joomla Route System
- VIN & Stock Numbers in Front and Backend
- Human Tests Before submitting Enquiry or Send To Friend
- Advanced search pages with clean results.
- Makes and model Import System
- APK & Bovag and NAP Guarantee for dutch users.
- All Emails Are sent in HTML formats, can be changed by admin
- Several Prices and formats available
- Improved Search in backend
- Ordering vehicles like you want as set in the backend.
- Full Inventory Pages (All vehicles in one page)
- Metakeys & Description to vehicles
- Configurable dropdown menu's at category page.
- YouTube Support in Lightbox (Joomla 1.7 versions)
- PDF Crowed Support for online PDF Creating
- ACL Levels added in management/administration
- Native Captcha (no plugins required)
- Unlimited Vehicle Options by Checkboxes and manager
- Sold Vehicle Categories
- Vehicles can be posted in several categories at once.
- Multiple image uploader has been added in v3.0.1
- Completely Responsive (Bootstrap)
- Fully Multi Lingual

Also available in PRO version to serve dealers on your website! Checkout our website for information.

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Reviews: 1
RD-Auto fit every need I was looking for in an extension for a small car lot. It is laid out simple enough for my client to understand how to manage inventory themselves, yet has all the customizations to fit their specific needs. I needed to make one customization that was not available in the extension and Robert was quick to reply to email with full explanation on what I needed to change in the PHP code to accomplish my goal. Excellent product for the price compared to other similar Joomla extensions!
Reviews: 7
I have purchased many components and modules over the years for Joomla and have never had such great support as I have received from Robert. Any issues I have had have been dealt with promptly and professionally. Thank you for this great component.
Gary White
Reviews: 1
I have had some good and as well as some bad experiences with commercial Joomla! extensions in the past, and definitely RD-Autos PRO has been my best experience so far. Smooth installation with no issues, great features, easy to customize and everything works very like a charm out of the box. But what really deserves a perfect score is the excellent support of the developer, Robert Dam. We have had direct contact by email and received almost immediate response to my queries with satisfactory answers, frankly I've never experienced such an outstanding support with any another commercial extension . Robert, thank you very much and I know that new and better features will come with each new release of your fine software.
Reviews: 1
Thank you for the prompt response and dealing with my problem, which was solved within a day or so.
Great Job!
Reviews: 1
You guys did a really good job. The module works and the support ist very fast and helpful!
Reviews: 1
Had a little bug in version 1515. Made contact with rd-media and they fixed the problem immediately (update version 1516).

Overall a great component and excellent support.
Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
The fist component I have ever paid for, and I didn't regret it. There are still some (minor) things available for improvement, but over all no complaints here. The developer even takes suggestions for future releases and is very helpful when in need of assistance.

Certainly recommended!
Reviews: 2
This is the first extension I have paid money for, and I am not disappointed!

It has got lots of great features, is fairly easy to use and the support is great, emails are always answered within 24 hours.

For the price this is a real gem.
Reviews: 1
this component is written very clearly. You can very easily adapt this component to your needs. Support is very good. There is no problem with translation, it took me 20 minutes.
Thank You Robert.
All the best, Jakub.
Reviews: 1
This is a great component for car-companies. For an administrator it is very easy to install and setup. The support is great, better said: excellent. There is a supportforum, the maker of RD-Auto replies to email very quick and professional. Of course there are some minor things (I don't want call them bugs) but the component is always in development to make it even better than it is already. The backend for adding or editing vehicles and stuff is great, even an unskilled joomla personen can work with it! For me this is the best component for the carbusiness and the price is very low for what you get! Great value for money.
Reviews: 3
Firstly i was surprised about component. Lot of features good for the dutch car market. But after half past one year, i have still some problems. The support is bad. The maker(s) doesn't answer emails and the replys on their supportforum has never fixed the problems.

I'm very disappointed. When the maker(s) still fix the little problems and should be more active at the supportforum it could be a very succesfull component.
Owner's reply

Hi, as we can't see your name here it's hard to respond. But I never saw any emails with this name coming along.
If you do have problems, we allways try to answer those within 24h. If you still have problems, just send me an email.

Reviews: 1
Worth every penny. This guy Robert from rd-media amazed me. Answers to emails even weekends! I asked him 2 months ago to add PDF uploading and within 10 days he added a lot off extra features on top of pdf uploading. I am sure that if something goes wrong, somebody will take care of it PROFESSIONALLY!!!
Reviews: 3
I have been looking to design a car dealer website and decided to use Joomla as my customer will want to update and add cars themselves. I did some research and decided to purchase the Single Dealer with makes/models database. I have only just started out with Joomla and managed to get this package working in less than an evening. A couple of very minor issues which were resolved within 24 hours by the support team. I also required extra fuel types and this is already being added to the next release to be issued in less than a week from request. So, my experience from purchase, support and requirement of extra features has been top class. Cannot fault the product at all. It works so easily and looks very professional. Thank you RDAutos.
Reviews: 1
A good extension, SEO friendly and with a lot of (pay) extensions for SEO components like sh404sef and Artio JoomSEF. Excellent mail support from developers.
Reviews: 1

There have been repeated requests on the forum for a DEMO, for both the free and commercial versions? Do you expect people to pay for the product without seeing it?

Also there are posts on your forums that have not been answered for months. Everyone is busy but that is ridiculous.
Owner's reply

We have now combined the PRO and Single Dealer website to provide you a better support. Also a new bugtracker, as you can see all posts are answered now.

There is a demo:

Reviews: 1
Nice component but needs some work,there is not any documentation, at least I can't find any..have looked through the site, the forum consist of users asking questions but never getting any answers. I understand that life is busy, but if the developer would at least create some documentation that would be a big plus. I actually downloaded the free version with the intent to purchase the pro version but the lack of response from the developers has change my mind.
Reviews: 6
I downloaded and installed version 1.5.8, the installation finished just fine and the components of "RD Auto" work just fine. Unfortunately there is no plugin or other means available to actually show anything on front page/the articles.
The lack of any documentation does not help too much either. There is a link on the web page that is linked to a documentation but to a different product. Talking about their web site, there is only very little helpful information regarding the software at all.
Maybe it is just an incomplete installation file they provide, but as it is being provided right now, it is not usable.
Reviews: 11
Just install and test...I need a component like that for a small garage selling they own cars and no more..For this use this component appear to me great and is more less the case..


- Easy to install and use
- Multi-languages


- No SEF url
- Thumbnails not fit the configured size
- No working search module (management make/models ajaxified work sometime yes sometime no)
- No thumb/cars showcase featured or random category module
- And the worst point absolutely no support

With paid version maybe the support are more decent..but I don't need this version because it contain more options useless for me...In my case the free version are quite enough..
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

First of all I wanted to say:
- SEF is coming, but I am also busy. So please hold the line for that.
- The dropdown menus are working properly, tested this on 4 servers. And all without problems.
- Thumbnails problem is fixed in the latest version? What versiopn did you install?
- There is no modle yet for featured vehicles. As you could see in the JED I've ticked the component box only.
- Support? I've never had any mails from you?

Reviews: 19
This component is very good, it needs just some more work, and it will become a reference for the online auto showrooms. At first point, it's very easy to manage, and it has good features. Be sure to try!
Reviews: 1
Fast and friendly support response. Great component. Thanks.
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