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EZ Autos is a fully featured motor vehicle component for Joomla-powered sites. Whether you run a single dealership, a multi-sales rep dealership or a FSBO automotive portal, EZ Autos is the component for you. Some of its features include:

Quick Install - just point and click with your mouse - and everything is installed in one go.

Responsive design so your listings to look great on all browsers and mobile devices.

Chained-category Support allows you to chain vehicle makes to categories if listing multiple vehicle classes.

EZ Autos will support listings for sale, rent, lease, auction, sale by tender and vehicles for exchange.

Full Copy Support copies not only the vehicle data - it also generates copies of images and file attachments.

Upload as many images as you want for your vehicle listing. EZ Autos uses the SWF upload system so you can bulk select the images to upload, and easily order them using the image ordering functionality.

Regenerate thumbnails based on the new dimensions that you specify.

Panorama Image Upload Field

General PDF/Doc/Excel Upload Support

Youtube/Video link Support

Integrated Dynamic Search & configurable ordering of selector lists.

Google mapping and streetview support

Social Networking Icons

Save to shortlist

Recommend to friend

PDF brochure generator

HTML Print

Multiple currency support

RSS Feeds

Captcha Antispam Support

jReviews Support

Multi-dealer, FSBO Portal and Paid Listings Support

Data Export Support

Multi-Lingual support

Easy Migration of your J2.5x EZ Autos Data

8 assorted modules with a multitude of display configurations

EZ Autos is packed with features, yet is easy to install and configure. It's GNU GPL compliant and has NO encryption or licensing system - so it's a must for all Joomla automotive sites.

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Reviews: 1
Great component! We've been using it for 3 years. Then, it was time to upgrade their site to Joomla! 3.x. I was dreading the migration, as I have had bad luck with other components.

But, I gotta tell ya, your response time and the clarity in your instructions has made this migration absolutely painless! EVERYONE should offer this type of support. My client and I love the component. It’s easy to use and configure and they have sold many RVs because of it.

Thank you very much, Kathy.
Reviews: 5
Ezautos has proven to be a great extension. It is customizable for both the front and back end. It provides a nice range of options and the ability to create a nice looking site for displaying vehicle inventories for many small dealers. Also, I think that Kathy is on the right track with the EZ Adverts ability to create an ad you can export to various other sites to get more exposure such as craigslist, etc. Definitely would recommend! I've used her EZREalty extension too, with great success. Keep up the good work. And to any reading these reviews make sure you ignore the poor comment from 2008. The extension is easily customized and you CAN access all parts of the code. I know cause I've used these extensions on about 4 different websites :)
Reviews: 2
I would give this extension an excellent rating expect for 3 things, But before i go in to these let me still say that without a doubt this is the very best extension for vehicles out there and well worth the purchase price. The only cons i have found with this extension are as follows:
1)No sub Categories available. This is a problem for the following reason, If a user is looking to buy a vehicle it stands to chance that they will also be looking to buy parts for that vehicle. Without the ability to have sub-cats part's categories are almost impossible to create.
2)This extension only comes with 1 month of support and upgrades. Support during that time frame is very fast and helpful, normally within 10 minutes. But the 1 month support is an very short time frame and dose not help with bug fixes found after the support period has expired.
3)This extension is not 1.6 ready yet and any information about it's completion date is not easily found on the web site ( also have yet to find the forum for the site yet)
But all of that not withstanding, if you intend to run automotive classifieds on your site this is the ONLY extension to use! No others even come close to this! Great work hope to see more from this extension soon.
Reviews: 4
I was very pleased with this extension. The bugs where quickly sorted out when reported and the response time was fantastic. It does absolutely everything. Very good
Reviews: 1
The author of this component cannot be praised enough. I recieved the absolute best experience possible in this industry to get this up and running. I was building an automotive sales site and need something that would let me streamline the entire process. This product seemed to be the only one out there that I thought would even begin to fit the bill, and was stuff so full of high end features I had my doubts at first that it could live up. I looked at the pricing and said, "well what the heck it's well worth the risk". I choose to have the author do the install and config for me, not sure what to expect out of that, but figured it would give me the best shot of getting things going. Well, within 48 hours, I had a completely up and running automotive site. This woman who installed it didn't just hold my hand, she went right in and set the whole thing up and didn't skip a beat. I'm an IT Director for a good sized Services firm, and I expected either weeks of getting nowhere and maybe some pointers in the right direction but she beat every expectation I had.

Bottom line: If you want a rock solid platform to build a revenue stream from automotive classifieds, so long as you've got some kind of basic, right out of the box Joomla! installation, have Raptor do the install and you'll be writing a review just like this.
Reviews: 1
***first: my english is not the best, sorry about that***

We bought this component. its not really cheap, but we wanted to have a good component.

but after installation, we saw that we can absolutely nothing configuring, because everything is encrypted. also the support is very poor... in the forum there is no one who is willing to help or answering any questions!

you have to make 3 different user accounts!!!
1 for the forum
1 for the "helpdesk" (pfff...helpdesk)
1 for buying the software...

this is far away from an easy way of good support.
you can really nothing change or edit in the backend!
Reviews: 1
I bought this component more than one year ago and I guess this component need to be reviewed. This component gives you what you need for your showroom or for your customer as a wholeauto package. You can customize the component as you want from all the tabs included in the control panel for your side and the customers side, also it comes with a wide modules also can be customized as you wish in the front end. This component have many features you can benefit from it with smooth and easily. The support very excellent with its fast respond 5 stars. Hope to see a version for Joomla 1.5.
Reviews: 4
For these reasons:
1 – Easy to install.
2 – It comes with everything you need. The install package has templates, help files, extra modules and more…
3 – Very good support. Super fast responding to the questions and always with a good answer.
4 – It really does what I paid for.

I recommend you to buy this component.

** Just pay good attention to the modifications to your template’s index.php and index2.php . I did’t do It the first time and it took me a waste of time sending support requests :-( **
Reviews: 2
Hi guys and girls! I know that you want to do a good choice on what kind of code you want for you starting-site-car. I bought the program and got the link to download and specific instructions on how to use it. On every question I was answer in no-time, like let´s say 10 mins.

This girl, Katy (the owner) has always a way to give you what you need to implement the EzAuto component. Last version (5) is very completed on payments, configuration, options, etc.

Is better to invest on a good piece of code than install cheap or free ones, in this case. If you want to test them, that´s ok and good (they work) but if you want a real car site and be worry about only of bringing new clients this is right choice my friends. This goes also for EZrealty.
Reviews: 1
I had this component up and running on a client's web site within an hour of purchasing. Easy to install and use and comes with some great templates (Easy to edit). I later needed some configuring help and Kathy, the developer, quickly answered all my emails. We exchanged some 8 emails in one day (Saturday for me, Sunday for her)! This is what I call customer support!!!! A++++ I recommend this component to everyone.
Reviews: 1
The nature of this component is a dynamic one from the very core to every single module that is designed to make it more pleasing in all aspects. It is therefore somewhat complex and should not be taken lightly. That in turn allows a great deal options for future expansion whether functional or presentational. This component by all means is a complete and thorough set of tools created to manage an automotive website of any possible kind; let it be a privately owned dealership, car rentals, or a classifieds site for visitors to post their cars for a fee. "Categories" feature will allow you to turn it into automotive supermarket where not only cars but, motorcycles, boats, and RVs could be displayed and posted just let your imagination run wild. Integrated PayPal secure payment engine is taken care of so is the rss mailing. Numerous options and settings make it truly multi-dimentional in terms of front-end operability and back-end management. Support provided by the developing team is more than adequate. Those guys are locked in on every issue that arises and they even go extra mile to troubleshoot it on client's site. I can't wait for upgrades to come to see what more cool practical features will be added for downloads.
Reviews: 1
I am completely new to Joomla!, but I got this program working immediately for a RV dealership.

Kathy responded to my emails very quickly, and with detailed information. The support is phenomenal.

The initial set up is straight forward and once set up, it is very easy to upload new inventory and make neccessary changes.

What I would like to have is the ability to list the make and model alphabetically, like the category - this is a very minor "wish list" item.

Overall - Just Awesome!
Reviews: 1
With some initial emails back and forth with Kathy Strickland, who was very helpful and quick to respond, we were given the green light to tweak her code if necessary The support was excellent and I got a very quick response. Kathy is a miracle!! I appreciate the product and the service they provided!
Reviews: 1
After getting Raptors EZ Realty, I knew my only option would be EZ Autos. Just ike the Realty program this was a simple install with excellent support when needed and I could not have gotten a better product even if I had a custom program made. I appreciate your software Kathy and your support as well!
Reviews: 1
Not only am I please with the product, the service is great. Kathy really does a great job at helping webmasters out with their product, I really appreciate the product and the service they provided!!!
Reviews: 2
Where do I begin.... ;-)

I agree with the other reviews about researching other extensions, but found EZ Autos to live up to its name and boundless features.

A recent client needed a special feature installed beyond to make it a "set it and forget it" website using Nexteppe ( auto feeds, so we used EZ Autos as our base to get this done.

With some initial emails back and forth with Kathy Strickland, who was very helpful and quick to respond, we were given the green light to tweak her code if necessary. We are still adding features but our client is VERY pleased with the results so far:

If your looking for a Auto Market script with excellent support and very clean code that doesn't touch the Joomla core, then look no further!

Big props to Kathy! ;-)
Reviews: 5
We've used standalone commercial classified ads software, other free and paid Mambo/Joomla components and nothing stacks up as well as EZ Autos.

• The javascript image mouseovers
• The information presentation for the public view
• The free/paid options
• The simple Paypal integration for paid ads
• The need to get the structure right before you publish the component

• The need to get the structure right before you make it go live (uh? read the comments below)
• The need for users (general public in our case) to get their head around image sizing

This component is the same as Joomla, in that you need to get all the information and the structure you want sorted out "BEFORE" you begin using the system.

Exemplary, magnificant words fail me. Having received abisimal service from some commercial component suppliers and commercial software providers in the past the service Kathy provides is to die for.

As we are running this as a commercial classified application we needed some customisation ... nothing was too much of a problem.

I've given it a 5 star rating
Reviews: 1
After looking at a couple of different options this seemed like it was worth a try. I am pleased I did. It installed with no problems and is very easy to use. I have even managed to customise some of it with some help. The support was excellent and I got a very quick response.