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This article provides information you need to browse the site and manage your own extensions listing.

Getting listed in the official Joomla! extensions directory is a simple two step process. Firstly you must register on the site, once this is done you will be able to add listing of your extensions.


In this step you will create a user account on

  1. Look down the left column until you see the login form. Click the word "Create an account".
    Login Form - Joomla! Extensions Directory
  2. You should now be on the registration screen. Enter you details, making sure that they are all correct. Click the "Register" button once you have confirmed all your details are correct.
    Registration Form - Joomla! Extensions Directory
  3. You will now be emailed a confirmation email. In this email there is a activation link that you must click. This will take you back to the Extensions site and will activate your account.
  4. Now, you can use your just entered username and password to login using the login details youu entered in Step 1.

Submitting an extension

Before you can start submitting an extension, make sure you are logged in to Joomla! Extensions Directory. To submit a listing follow these simple steps:

  1. Browse the Extensions site until you have found the most appropriate category for your extension.
  2. Once you are in the category page you wish to be listed in click the Submit extension button at the upper right of the page. Some categories that consists of sub-categories only does not has this link, in this case, click on one of the related sub categories.
  3. At the "Add Extension" page, you will be presented with a submission form where you enter details about your extension. Remember that field names in bold are required fields and must be filled.
  4. You can also upload up to 5 images per extension. The first images will be used as your extension logo while the next four will be used for screenshots. Screenshot's final size will be resize to a maximum of 600 pixels. To get the best result, make sure prepare your file at with the dimension of 600px by 600px for best results. The upload accepts JPG, GIF and PNG files.
    Extension Details - Joomla! Extensions Directory
  5. Read through the JED Rules and check the check box at the bottom of the form if you understand and agree to abide it. Click the 'Submit' button to send your extension for approval by JED Editors. The approval process may take up to a few days. You will be notified when we approve the extension.
    Submit extension

Note: The maximum upload limit is 7MB. If your extension is larger than 7MB and you attempt to upload it, it will silently fail. To submit a file larger than 7MB, create a text file with login/download information to your site for the JED Team. Place the txt file in a zip archive and upload it. Title the zip file "Large_Extension_ExtensionName"

Editing an Extension

If you are the owner of a listed extension you may from time to time wish to modify the information detailed in your extension listing. To do so you must be logged into the site.

  1. Once logged in, either navigate to the category where your extension is submitted to or by clicking the My Page link that is available from the main menu. Once you see your extension, you will find a blue Edit link beside your extension name. Click on that link to edit your extension.
    Edit Extension
  2. The edit listing form is similar to the form you get when you initially submit your listings. Again, all fields in bold are required.
  3. Once you have completed editing the changes, click the "Submit" button to save your changes. Your changes are reflected immediately in Joomla! Extensions Directory.
  4. An extension will be listed in Recently Updated list only when they update their version number. Developers are advised to update their extension's version number only when they have a new release.

Deleting an Extension

Extension removal can only be done by a JED Team member. To have one of your extensions removed submit a request via the Support Ticket system. Once your request is processed we will archive your extension for you.

Finding Extensions

There are various method of navigating the site, which way you do it would depend on why you are there. If your looking for a specific type of extension (an example being a WYSIWYG editor) you could navigate via the categories or alternatively perform a search for "WYSIWYG". If your looking for a specific extension (ie. Mosets Tree) you might also try using the alphabetical listing by listing all extensions' name starting with M. For those who are just browsing to see what's out there, listings are available for New Extensions, Recently Updated Extensions, Most Favoured Extensions, Editors' Picks, Popular Extensions, Most Rated Extensions, Top Rated Extensions and Most Reviewed Extensions


You can search for an extension via the search box at the top of the page. This will search Extensions by name and description and is the quickest method of finding a specific extension. The is also a link besides the search box that allows you to search with specific criteria with Advanced Search.

Search Extensions - Joomla! Extensions Directory

Browse the Categories

The Categories menu is found on the left of the screen. Use it to navigate the directory via categories. The numbers to the right of each title are the total number of extensions currently listed in that category.

Browse Categories - Joomla! Extensions Directory

A second method is to click the "Browse" link in the "Featured Addons" menu. This will present you with the main categories screen from which you can also navigate through the categories.

Category Browse - Joomla! Extensions Directory

Extension Types

Component - Joomla! Extension Directory Component

A component is the largest and most complex of the extension types. Components are like mini-applications that renders the main body of the page. An analogy that might make the relationship easier to understand would be that Joomla! is a book and all the components are chapters in the book. The core content component (com_content), for example, is the mini-application that handles all core content rendering just as the core registration component (com_registration) is the mini-application that handles user registration.

Module - Joomla! Extension Directory Module

A more lightweight and flexible extension used for page rendering is a module. Modules are used for small bits of the page that are generally less complex and able to be seen across different components. To continue in our book analogy, a module can be looked at as a footnote or header block, or perhaps an image/caption block that can be rendered on a particular page. Obviously you can have a footnote on any page but not all pages will have them. Footnotes also might appear regardless of which chapter you are reading. Simlarly modules can be rendered regardless of which component you have loaded.

Plugin - Joomla! Extension Directory Plugin

One of the more advanced extensions for Joomla! is the plugin. In previous versions plugins were known as mambots. Along with the development of Joomla! 1.5, mambots have been renamed to plugins and their functionality has been expanded. A plugin is a section of code that runs when a pre-defined event happens within Joomla! Editors are plugins, for example, that execute when the Joomla! event "onGetEditorArea" occurs. Using a plugin allows a developer to change the way their code behaves depending upon which plugins are installed to react to an event.

Language - Joomla! Extensions Directory Language

New to Joomla! 1.5 and perhaps the most basic and critical extension is a language. Languages are packaged as either a core language pack or an extension language pack. They allow both the Joomla! core as well as third party components and modules to be internationalised.

Tool Tool

A tool is an external application that helps with creating or managing Joomla! sites. Most tool are available in Tools category.

Extension Specific Plugin Special

Special is a different type of extension which we call Extension-Specific. They run on top of another third party extension. Most of these extension specific plugins are installed either through Joomla's installer or through the third party's custom installer. Most extension-specific plugins are available under Extension-Specific category.

More information on each individual Extension Type is available from the Joomla! help manual:

Writing Reviews

From time to time you may like to review an extension. This is helpful to other Joomla! users who may be trying to decide between similar extensions. At the bottom of an extension's description, you'll see a "Submit Review" button to the right of Reviews header. Clicking on that button will bring you to a form for submitted review.

Submit Review - Joomla! Extensions Directory

Simply fill in the fields and click the "Submit Review" button.

Submit Review - Joomla! Extensions Directory

Reviews will be queued for approval by JED editors and it will take several days before your reviews are approved and published.

Rate an Extension

Ratings give people a quick idea of what other Joomla! users think of an extension and are a valuable resource for all users. To rate an extension you must first logon to the site. If you don't have a logon you will need to create one.

Once you are logged onto the site go to the details view of the extension you wish to rate. Hover your mouse over the stars and click on it to rate the extension. Clicking the first star give an extension one over five rating, clicking the second stars gives the extension two over five star rating and so on.

Rate Extension - Joomla! Extensions Directory

Favourite an Extension

Favourites allow users to add extensions to their list of favourites for easy access in the future. This also serves as a useful discovery tool for other users looking over your page.

To favourite an extension, you must go to the details view of an extension. You will find a button called "Add favourite" inside the extension info box. Clicking on that button will add the extension to your favourite list.

Favourite Extension - Joomla! Extensions Directory

To view your favourites, go to My Page. Once in your own My Page, you will find 3 tabs for "Extensions", "Reviews" and "Favourites". Clicking on Favourites tab will bring you to your favourites list.

Favourite List

Keeping up to date with Joomla! Extensions Directory

Because of the popularity of Joomla, there is always a lot of activities going around Joomla! Extensions Directory. One obvious way to keep track of this is by visiting Joomla! Extensions Directory everyday. An easier to keep updated with JED is by subscribing to our feeds for new extensions, recently updated extensions and JED Editors' Blog: