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Submission Checklist

This article is designed to help Extension Developers (who want to be listed at JED) and JED Editors (consistence for entries approval) To be approved and listed in JED an entry must be verified in a 4 steps checklist process You are now in first step [edit]List A1 - General submission verification Should we consider this entry? The files submitted Item What? Publishable? 1 Joomla Core hack files? No! Please contribute with code to Joomla Core 2 Other extensions hack files? No! Please send code contributions to extension developer 3 Templates for Joomla No! 4 Languages for Joomla No Please contribute to Translations_Working_Group 5 Languages for extensions? No! Please send file to extension author 6 User submit an extension created by others? No! an extension must be submitted by the author 7 Forked extension? Maybe! See requirements to be listed at JED: Forked Extensions [edit]List A2 - Links verification The web Item What? Publishable? 1 Main Site works? YES! 2 Download link works Maybe! If not on shared host sites 3 Shortened URLs No Remove and use full URLs 4 Documentation, Forum or Demo does not work? YES! Those are not fundamental links: remove links! 5 Copy of extension not-uploaded? No! If link its public available, download and include in the JED entry [edit]List A3 - Author verification The developer Item What? Publishable? 1 User submit an extension created by others? No! An extension must be submitted by the author Delete and email user 2 Developer blocked No! Keep on pending list until user reinstated [edit]List A4 - Name entry verification The extension Item What? Publishable? 1 Name conflicts with other extension No! email developer 2 Name with full Joomla word Maybe! Go for Step 2 Verification List 3 Name with part of Joomla word? Maybe! Go for Step 2 Verification List 4 Name do not comply with Extensions_name rules? No! email developer Everything OK? Go for the next step! [edit]TOC: JED Submissions Checklists Table of Contents Step A - Submission Checklist Step B - Trademark Checklist Step C - License Checklist Step D - Installation and Functionality Checklist