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Trademark Checklist

This article is designed to help Extension Developers (who want to be listed at JED), JED Editors (consistence for extensions approval) and general users (on reporting JED entries). To be approved and listed in JED an entry must be verified in a 4 steps checklist process You are now in second step [edit]Guidelines The Joomla! name and logos are registered trademarks in the United States and elsewhere held by Open Source Matters. Permission, from OSM, to use these trademarks is usually required and is only granted subject to specific rules. To know more about Joomla Trademark: License, Trademark and Copyright Joomla! Name and Logo Use Brand Manual and Limited Use Logos [edit]Derivative of Joomla string The following strings are considered related with Joomla string: joom, jom, joo or J! The usage in extension names or domains listed at JED requires a license by OSM. [edit]Joomla! Licensed To be licensed you need to fill one of the following forms to OSM: Domain Name Request: Extension name request: [edit]List B1 - Joomla Trademark Checklist Follow Joomla! Trademark and logos guidelines? Item What? Publishable? 1 Project site Domain uses Joomla or derivative word? Only if licensed by OSM. Needs a Joomla Trademark disclaimer to be present at main page 2 Project site display Joomla Logo using official pictures? Only if licensed by OSM. 3 Project site display an altered Joomla Logo? No! 4 Extensions that use "Joomla" or a derivative of Joomla in the extension name? Only if licensed by OSM. Everything OK? Go for next step [edit]TOC: JED Submissions Checklists Table of Contents Step A - Submission Checklist Step B - Trademark Checklist Step C - License Checklist Step D - Installation and Functionality Checklist