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Check your pending listing for Error Codes regularly.

In December 2010, the JED Team announced an Enhanced Approval Process. This process provides error codes when a listing cannot be immediately approved. If you have a pending submission, you should check your error codes on a regular basis. If you receive an error code on the edit page of the listing, do the following:

  1. Solve the Errors or request help if needed
  2. Check the box marked, "Errors Corrected"
  3. Click Save (Click cancel if just viewing)

Your listing will be reviewed again. Make sure to continue to check for more possible errors.

If you have questions about errors, submit a support ticket.

The JED Team announced the introduction to it's Support System. If you recieve error codes on your pending submissions, after reviewing the error code details, if you still don't understand what they mean or how to solve them, submit a support ticket. Please note, the average approval time is up to 21 days. Please do not submit a support ticket if you have not received error codes on your submission.


Ok, that sounds great, but how do I view my pending submissions?

To view your pending and published listings, go to the My Page link when logged into the JED. From there, you can see pending listings and click on the "Pending approval" link.

What are some common errors that many developers miss and publishing is prevented?

The most common errors are:

  • Download Link Does Not Point to Download/Product Page
  • Domain or images use the Joomla Trademark and is not registered/approved
  • Extension Is commercial but has not included a link to the Terms or Conditions
  • Developer attempts to restrict the usage of the extension in some way
  • Security standards are not followed (index.html in all folders, usage of JEXEC commands)
  • GPL Notices are missing in PHP/XML

Make sure to read the JED FAQs, Understand and follow the JED Terms of Service and stay up-to-date on policy changes that may affect your listing.

We hope that this email helps explain the approval process at the JED. If you have other questions, please feel free to post in the JED Forum, on the JED J!People Group or enter a support ticket.

If you have recommendations for improving the JED, please post them in our J!People Group.

If you are interested in volunteering in the JED, please submit your application!


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