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JED 3 Beta Testing

Request for JED 3 Beta Testers

We're really pleased with the way the JED 3 website has been progressing and we need to start gathering some volunteers for beta testing. If you're able to help us look at the new JED site objectively in order to identify any issues and assess the overall quality of the site, we'd like to hear from you.

More specifically, we're looking to pool a group of extension developers and end users that can commit time to test the new website thoroughly and provide focused feedback. We need you to explore the website and provide written feedback about the site's functionality and your experience as a user. As a beta tester we'll also occasionally ask you to perform specific tasks and answer general survey questions about the task.

General Beta Tester Requirements

  • Ability to test website functionality
  • Ability to read/write English
  • Able to spend time writing feedback and taking surveys

User types needed:

Extension Developers

  • Must have published listings on the current JED website
  • Must understand several functions of the current JED site (submissions, ratings, etc.)

Extension Users

  • General JED site users
  • General knowledge of current JED site functionality

Interesting in Signing Up?

If you're interested in helping us out please fill out the form below to be added to the beta testers mailing list.

During the first phase of beta testing we'll be selecting a limited number of testers from each user type to help us work out any major issues. Once we feel that those have been addressed we'll open up testing to the entire beta group.


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