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JED 3 Development Status



Project Status: Bug Fixing

Internal Beta Testing Round: Complete

Initial Beta Testing Round: Complete

General Beta Testing Round: Complete

Data Migration: Complete


Important Dates

These dates are subject to change but will always remain up-to-date so check back regularly.

27 Oct 2014 The Current JED site will stop accepting listing submissions. The submission process wil be closed until the new JED 3 site is live.
29 Oct 2014 All pending submissions will be screened.
31 Oct 2014 All corrected submissions will be re-screened. Any submissions that still have errors will be rejected.
31 Oct 2014 The current JED site will stop accepting new review submissions.
03 Nov 2014 All data from the existing site will be transferred to the new site.


Update 11 Nov 2014

We're stil working out some important issues and need to migrate images across. Current projected date of release: 19 Nov.

Update 24 Nov 2014

Data migration has been completed. We are down to 2 final show-stopping issues (submission process and review calculations) that are currently in-work being resolved. Once those have been fixed and tested we will announce a "pre-access" period for developers to login and update and submit new extensions.