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Fixed Vertical Module Position Plugin

Fixed vertical modules placement is a neat Joomla plugin that helps to add vertical feedback/custom button button with vertical show/hide based custom module placement by module id(s) and module position(s).

Inspired by an existing joomla plugin named Sami Login(, this plugin is far more flexible and gives maximum options to customize from the plugin setting page as you need.

Basically to make a vertical login module you need to place a login module in that position which is a complex task for any normal people and even for web developers. So we made this simple and more flexible. From admin panel module manager you can collect login module id and put that module id in the plugin setting and after you activate the plugin you get such vertical login module. So same way you can use more ids with comma separated to place more modules in same place.

And even you can use module position name to load multiple modules in that position as vertical fixed position.

## access control for each button set (new from v5.0)

** Added support for mobile device detect and enable disable for mobile devices
** Added support for multiple buttons
** Custom setting page for the plugin
** Pop up color picker from plugin setting page
** Preview from admin panel
** Show/hide the button even the plugin in active mode
** Custom link for button
** Left or right and top or bottom positioning
** Custom Vertical positioning
** Custom Horizontal positioning
** All positioning(check new setting page preview image) now in both px or percentage(%)(new)
** Custom image url
** Custom image height
** Custom image width(new)
** Disable button on popup window
** Rounded corner in open side
*** Default mode for opened or closed (from v4.7)
* Module Setting
** Custom module id(s). For multiple use comma
** Module position(s). For multiple use comma
** Module Wrapper(None, Xhtml etc).

* Module Holder/Container’s Setting
** Custom background color picker
** Custom border color picker
** Rounded corner or not in open sides.

For demo: Please check right side , there is a vertical show/hide box for login module.

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Reviews: 4
A very useful and flexible plugin. Works straight out of the box, easy to use, very customizable. Clean, readable, good quality code, easy to adapt to any special customer requirements (I added easily 3 more buttons and a configuration field allowing to redirect to a menu item instead of displaying a module on click or mouseover). Very quick and helpful developer response on support request.
Reviews: 6
I have just installed and work like a charm.
Very useful plugin. I think there no any other similar solution.
Reviews: 1
Do you need put fixed vertical module position? This is your plugin. It's is highly customizable and if you have any problem the developer help you efficiently.