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Google Plus Reader Module

Google Plus Reader is a fully customizable module for Joomla! Google Plus Activity which can showcase all the latest activities / posts both from Google+ Profile and custom Page associated with the account. The module has a nice interface with three styling themes (gray, dark and clear) and packed with many other styling options so that it blends easily with your existing Joomla! site.

= Read from: Google+ Profile and Google+ Page
= With custom module settings, editable from admin
= Various styling options (gradient, custom size, show hide logo and more)
= Works in many module positions
== Support for curl method. Two different ways to grab the gplus data depending on server support(from v2.8)
== Advanced caching support

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Reviews: 27
Short and sweet = it works well and support is very helpful.

It also has many options to configure the module. My client wanted scrolling and at first I didn't think it had it so was very happy to find out it did. You can set the module height in px so it's very versatile for display options.

The developer has a matching Facebook Feed that I got to go along side of this. Both match each other really sweeting the whole deal.

There are some style choices right in the module too.
Reviews: 1
I purchased this module 2 Days ago and first it didnt work because i had to ask my provider to open something on the server that would make the webserver unsecure. My provider didnt open it of course and by the way i own a webserver that is shared so they cant only turn it on for me.

I then contacted the support for this module and they where very kind and helped me with this error. They even updated the module so that it would work for me and any other person running a shared server.

What i just love is when i se a good support, they told me "give us 2 Days" and after one they had already fixed it and updated my module on my website.

I give them 5 stars.