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My Social Timeline is an unique Social Component for Joomla! Familiar with Facebook Timeline? This is a Joomla Component which show latest updates such as posts, tweets, blogs, pins, photos, videos, bookmarks and diggs from all major social networks in Facebook like timeline fashion. Other than Facebook style Timeline layout, it also has Grid, Tab, Slider and List view.

The popular Social Networks that the present version support are: Facebook, Twiter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Youtube, Blogspot, WordPress, Delicious, Myspace, Tumblr, Digg, Reddit, etc. So whichever is your social network of choice for your brand, personal use or company, now you can feature their updates as you like within your Joomla! site.

It has 5 Interface layout such as: Timeline, List View, Grid, Tab, Slider and 3 built-in style theme themes such as: Clean, Gray and Dark to suit your Joomla site’s template.

After installation find it as Menu Item*. To get it going, just input your Social Media usernames / page ID and enjoy the magic. Don’t forget to play with our extensive admin options to suit your need.

Note: For Joomla 1.5 you have to have Mootools 1.2 or Joomla 1.5 system plugin “System – Mootools Upgrade” enabled. Go to your Joomla Plugin manager to enable them. There is no issue with Joomla 1.6 or later.


0. Video Demo:

1. Grid View (Default)
long url:

2. Facebook like Timeline(Vertical Timeline)
long url:

3. Tab Based Timeline
long url:

4. Slider Based Timeline
long url:

5. Text Based simple list Timeline
long url:


Supported Social Networks:
Facebook (Facebook Page)
Linkedin (User profile)
Google plus (From v3.0 and only for j2.5)
Foursquare (From v3.0 and only for j2.5)
Instagram (From v3.0 and only for j2.5)

User Timeline based on admin permission(if admin enable for user and then user get option to enable for him/her) (From v3.0 and for j2.5)

Module version of timeline (From v3.0 and for j2.5)

Free plugin for jomsocial user to make menu in jomsocial toolbar for per user timeline. (From v3.0 and for j2.5)

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Reviews: 4
We paid and installed this extension on two websites and waited while they were "on vacation" for support. They got it working, with the exeption of the Instagram feed for weeks.
Then it broke again and we waited 2 weeks through ridiculous question after ridiculous question. Finally, invited them them to a real-time web meeting to resolve the issue ... no show.
If you are looking for an extension for a serious site; look elsewhere.
Owner's reply

At first we are sorry for delay support as we were caught in public holidays and bug in facebook api (recent facebook api changes). The extension has so many features and only facebook was not working properly which we at last found the cause.

Reviews: 8
Silly me made it hard by not following the pre-install instructions properly. After that - yes it does all that's described. Plus the support is prompt (and helped me past my error).
Reviews: 1
Great App comes with Great Support ... five stars for both
Reviews: 1
I'm using this module since Joomla 2.5 and it is just great.

Specially I have to speak extremely positiv about the support from the codeboxr Team. All your emails/questions are answared extremly fast and competent!
Reviews: 5
A great module with clean design and nice features. Easy to setup. I had a small difficulty with one part of the setup that turned out to be an issue with my web host. However, Codeboxr was really keen to make sure that my installation worked perfectly so they helped enormously to work out the cause of the issue. With information Codeboxr provided I contacted my host and the problem was fixed really quickly. It now works perfectly and as expected. Thank you Codeboxr for your help and for a really useful module!
Reviews: 1
A must to have extension to show all the social networks activities at one. Highly recommended and with superb support.

Gracias My Social Timeline. Keep develop new things!!!
Reviews: 5
Works perfectly, looks lovely and very versatile. Had a small issue with some settings but support was brilliant - logged into my site and fixed it up for me pronto!
Reviews: 35
What? Only 5 stars available for this review? For all it does, his versatile app sets up easily - and when I needed to do something tricky, the support was outstanding. I know something is listed higher up this JED category...but I tried it. Believe me, THIS is the one you want.
Reviews: 2
Just what I needed! Clear, easy, fun with lots settings and lots of skins!
I had a problem with my joomla but the staff of the company where there for me even they where on vacations. Thank you very much for your professionalism and your Timeline!
Just an excellent 5* company.
Reviews: 2
Fantastic extension and even better support.

I've had a few emails exchanged with the support guys and it was always very quick and helpful.

Would highly recommend. Great work :)
Reviews: 1
This a great addition to my toolbox. The facebook timeline looks very cool and my clients are falling over themselves to get it added to their sites. Great work guys.
Reviews: 6
Love it. Used it on two projects so far and will be using it again soon.

It's easy to setup when building sites for my clients but adds tons of eye candy and usability. My clients think I'm a genius.

Great tech support. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
I had installed a very outdated version of Joomla 1.5 so the extension did not work straight away. I contacted the company and they gave great service, responding to me and solving the issue (which was entirely my fault) within a very short time frame.

The extension now works well, integration is perfect and it is very easy to use. For me, the design options could be improved, e.g. the formatting of pictures. Have a look at the screenshots if this fits your needs, what you see there is what you will get.
Reviews: 5
I just purchase Social timeline and I am very please with it. It is very easy to install/configure and until now everything work perfectly.
The only down side is that you have to create a menu to be able to display the content which limit it's use. So I contact the developer and ask if they were planning to create modules and plugins (I ask for jomsocial plugin) and they told me they were about to launch a new version with all those feature in it... Very happy!!