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Related Article After Content Plugin

Related Article After Content is a very useful Joomla Extension (made as a Content Plugin) that shows related items after content. Why you should use this?

Ever wondered how the great news websites suggest related articles, great e-commerce sites show other related products as their visitors browse any particular page? With our Related Article After Content Plugin you can achieve just that with style.

The plugin offers great flexibility and option to customize it.You may choose a number of criteria to determine related items. For example it could be: 1) previous or next item, 2) random post from related articles 3) Fully random 4) ascending or descending related articles picked up from meta-tags.

To control which articles to show as Related article you can give inputs in the Metadata information.

You may control how many items to show, enable / disable image thumbnails, show or not show Directions (Next, Previous), to show or not to show on Homepage etc.

Style: The plugin has a great number of styling control such as: Rounded corner, control of background and border color, use nor not use gradient and even control the gradient colors to best match your site’s style or theme. See the Admin settings screenshots below for detailed options.

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Reviews: 1
I paid for the extension and have not received any support. It works for some of the pages on my site, but not others.
Owner's reply

Hi David,
We always strive to provide our best support. It seems that your support mail never reached us.

Our previous clients can testify for our support level. Sorry about the misunderstanding.

Reviews: 1
Great plugin and excellent support
It works great
Reviews: 11
I have to be honest the extension didn't work right off the bat. However, the developers were incredibly prompt and polite and worked with me to get it working. Once installed correctly it was a breeze to set-up with very nice features. I don't blame the developers for not the extension not working immediately, we have a very large site that is sort of complicated. Thanks so much for your help!