09 January 2015

Attract more visitors to your Joomla website with social interaction

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Attract more visitors to your Joomla website with social interaction

Integrating social networks can increase the SEO statistics of your website, this potentially results in more visitors who access Twitter and Facebook every day from mobile to desktop devices that may have interest in what you offer.

Fortunately the integration with the most important social networks is easy thanks to the variety of extensions available in the social web category from the Joomla Extensions Directory.

The web of today needs to be social.


I'm thinking in two popular functionalities worth considering:

Social sharing

Allow a quick and easy way to share your contents in the most important social networks. This action post a link of your site in Twitter and Facebook, so your contacts can reach in matter of seconds what you offer in your website.

Social comments

If you run a blog, this feature is really good to allow comments in your articles. The comments are hosted by Facebook or Disqus, depending on which one match your needs.

Worth to mention the developers made a wonderful job by providing great pieces of software that will help you to accomplish this integration, many of those extensions are free. Of course, if you want more advanced features is always good to consider get a commercial extension.

Give a try!

Add social interaction into your Joomla site, is a decision that will print a positive effect in your project.


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