11 October 2016

FAQ about Joomla Update System requirement

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FAQ about Joomla Update System requirement

On January 10th, 2017, JED will be enacting a new requirement for all extensions. They will have to provide compatibility with Joomla Update System, as a way to support a method to distribute security fixes, enhancements and new features.

Why is the Joomla Update System a new listing requirement for extensions?

Here at JED, we always work hard to make sure you can easily find an extension that will fit your needs and be a solid part of your website. That’s why every extension listed on the official Joomla Extension Directory must meet several Listing Requirements. Now we are adding a new one - the usage of the Joomla Update System.

Why is using the Joomla Update System important?

Keeping extensions up-to-date is one of the key things that are required to secure a Joomla website. For that to happen, there must be an easy way to find information about available updates. It’s unrealistic to assume that everyone will visit extension developers’ websites to check if there is an update available. Although there have been some custom update systems developed over time, we think that the official Joomla Update System should be used as the common standard because it provides information about available updates directly in the Joomla admin interface. More detail about Update Servers can be found here: https://docs.joomla.org/Deploying_an_Update_Server

How can it benefit website creators?

This new requirement for extensions will make it easier for everyone managing websites as the information about updates will be available in one place. This will also help avoid the need to install custom updaters which often provide no extra functionality, and duplicate Joomla core functionality.

How can it benefit extension developers?

From our experience, using update servers can significantly increase the number of updates. This way more users will user newer, thus better versions of the extensions. Whats more, in the case of commercial extensions it also means additional profits from subscription renewals. Standardising the way the updates are being served will also create update oriented culture among website creators.

How the new requirement will be implemented?

This new requirement will come into force on January 10th, 2017. Extensions that are not compatible with this new requirement after this date will not be removed from JED. Alternatively, there will be a popup with a warning displayed when user clicks the Download button on the extension's detail page. A check for this new requirement will also be added to the JED Checker. The error code will be: US1 - update sites not present in xml file.

Checks will be carried out on the latest zip file that was upload to JED, so developers are asked to ensure that the latest copies have been uploaded to their listings.

We firmly believe that this change will not only make website management easier, but that it will also reduce security risks by informing users about available updates for their installed extensions. We hope that all extension developers will comply with the new requirement and that together we will make Joomla better.