09 December 2015

Fun in JED: bug smashing and feature development [Updated]

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The Joomla Extensions Directory will be open source

Fun in JED: bug smashing and feature development [Updated]

One year ago, we released The New Joomla Extensions Directory. Now, the time has come for the next quantum leap in JED life cycle. We are ready to open the development process to all the community members. Let's have some fun in JED!

In Joomla! community, we are always ready to check out a new feature, review source code, design a new web style, test templates on several mobile devices and many more nerdy tasks. This is a way to contribute to our beloved CMS.

The Joomla Extensions Directory is a critical area for Joomla! extension publishing and is a massive operation. It is the biggest and most complex site that the community manages, on a daily basis, with volunteer time. The role of the JED is so important in our community because it is the main marketplace where extensions are offered as free or paid downloads. In consequence, there is a devoted team with the sole objective to regulate the extensions according to the Terms of Service.

Call for Developers

Until now, the site has been developed and maintained by the team that implemented the previous sprint. In the upcoming phase, we are opening the process to all users and encourage the community to get involved. You do not need to be a developer; you might suggest some UX or feature improvements!

The Joomla Extensions Directory will be open source. Originally we planned to only have a select few work on the JED, but realized that’s not enough people to rely on. If we let the JED be open up to the public, our pending Issues and Features list would be implemented at a much faster rate, which will be much more beneficial to the users as well as the extension developers.

  • Submit new requests and report bugs
  • Develop new features and enhancements
  • Fix reported bugs
  • Test, test and test

JED development will follow the Joomla CMS Development Strategy. Additionally, due to the nature of JED operation, all contributors must agree to the Joomla Extensions Directory Contributor Agreement (JEDCA).

To simplify the development and testing, we have created a virtual development environment. It has a copy of the JED database and dummy data/sample user emails in it for the public. The purpose of having dummy data in the database is to keep user information private and to have only enough information for testing bug fixes. Finally, we are currently managing all requests on JED Issue Tracker and coordinate tasks in the Glip JED Dev Chat room.

Developer Chat

To gain access to the developer chat, send an email to Jaz Parkyn jaz.parkyn(at)extensions.joomla.org. You will see important tasks to the right, and we will discuss general issues there. Specific issues will be discussed within JED Issue Tracker.

If you would like to contribute and enjoy fun time with Joomlers, please contact Jaz Parkyn jaz.parkyn(at)extensions.joomla.org. We look forward to starting the JED Development Program in the first month of 2016.

Contributing Code to the JED

The information below outlines the current process for contributing code to the com_jed extension. Please, check here for more information.

UPDATE 2016-05-26

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