11 June 2015

JED Team Summit

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JED Team Summit

The JED Team held a summit over the Joomla and Beyond 2015 conference. Here's a summary of what happened...

A few members of the JED Team met up May 27/28 and June 1/2. During our four days we were able to process all of the pending extension submissions, all of the tickets that were open at the time and update some of the knowledgebase documentation.

We were fortunate to have the lead developer of the new JED extension on hand to fix a few of the more important bugs. I'm pleased to say that pending the outcome of one final issue we'll be signing off our agreement with Fabrik and will begin to open up access to the JED code to allow community contributions. We will make a more detailed announcement when we have a system in place to facilitate it.

During the JAB event we held a "Make It Happen" session to seek some feedback in the areas of Search and UI. Thanks to all that participated. Here are some of the notes from that session:



  • Top search/recommended phrase
  • User picks first items in results
  • Reviews: average number of reviews
  • Test cases
  • User case: when opening a listing it is successful user found what they are looking for
  • What phrases has what bounce rate
  • Match pseudo names to same category, take consideration of different spellings
  • Indicate to select tags for listing
  • Custom tags?
  • Advanced search option to make less intimidating
  • Search all terms or...
  • Add potluck results / Feeling Lucky
  • Implement Google Analytic event tracking and AB split testing to evaluate potential design changes
  • Decided that a successful outcome from a search was clicking on an extension and an even more successful one would be then clicking on one of the extension's own links (be that download, documentation, support etc)
  • Discussed logging search queries to provide more information about how users search the directory (am I right in thinking that GA is doing that for us?)
  • It was suggested we could shown links to corresponding categories to search terms for pseudonyms and keywords.
  • To encourage the use of tags we could add a notice on extension save asking them to provide one.
  • Discuss if extensions developers can add their own tags.
  • Look at simplifying the front end search by hiding the extra drop-down options.
  • Add information about the full text search options (e.g. + before a word to make it required)
  • Contact Google to see if we can get a free Google Search Appliance Box https://www.google.com/work/search/



  • Have to select to view reviews
  • Displays all by default (bug?)
  • Put count on end
  • Add a spoiler for filter
  • Ability to enable/disable filters option for user profile or via cookie
  • Remove top grey arrow background if no modules inserted in this location (e.g. when there is no search box)
  • Set a cookie to store user's preferences for Show/Hide Filters and Layout (Listing vs Grid)


 Thanks to the JED Team members for taking time out of their busy schedules to work on the JED!

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