11 December 2017

Joomla Extensions Directory has surpassed the 8,000 mark

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Joomla  Extensions Directory has surpassed the 8,000 mark

This year we are witnessing a steady growth in the number of extensions, and the JED has surpassed the 8K mark.

To end a fantastic year, where we have been busy reviewing and approving extensions, JED has smashed the 8,000 level and we heading into new yearly records.

This achievement has been possible thanks to our community of extensions developers, who are continually innovating and publishing new extensions. In 2017, we have also implemented improvements in the publishing workflow to streamline the process and reduced the wait for extension review.

To get your extension approved swiftly, always remember:

  • Checking the extension before submission with JED Checker
  • Naming the extension following the rules
  • Installing the extension with the same name that it is published in JED

Now we are stronger than ever, planning for 2018 and the upcoming Joomla 4 and JED 4 system.

Thank you for collaboration! A special mention to the JED team who daily backs the directory ;-)