16 January 2017

New Listing Requirement: Joomla! Update System requirement

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New Listing Requirement: Joomla! Update System requirement

All extensions uploaded to JED after 10th January 2017 are required to use the Joomla Update System. This will help to ensure that site owners are always notified of when a new version of their installed extensions is available. Keeping extensions up to date can help to improve security.

With regards to extensions already listed on JED, they will not be unpublished if they are not in compliance with this new requirement. Instead, a popup warning will be shown to users when clicking the Download button, informing them that the extension doesn't support update servers and therefore must be updated manually.

Don’t forget to check if your extensions use the Joomla! Update System.

For more information, please, check out our knowledge base: Joomla! Update System requirement


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