23 June 2016

News from JAB: A new collaboration process to contribute with JED

Written by Aníbal Sánchez, Posted in Announcements,

News from JAB: A new collaboration process to contribute with JED

One month ago, J and Beyond 2016 took place in Barcelona as the annual family gathering of Joomlers. At this time, our Extensions Directory had its own prime time introducing a new collaboration process to contribute with JED.

JAB was a great opportunity to meet Joomla Community and have direct contact with many core and extensions developers. Furthermore, several members of the JED team attended. So, we enjoyed the time as a team to hangout together, on one of these rare ocassion when we can meet each other.

On Saturday, in the Make It Happen, we pushed forward several new initiatives...  and ... as always... we process many support tickets to clear the queues.

Finally, on Sunday, I had the honor to present the new collaboration process to contribute with JED. In an amazing  session, the technologies empowering JED  and the process behind were introduced to coordinate a new JED developer team.As the session evolved, we covered many general JED topics and how new features, enhancements and bug fixes can be submitted. Furthermore, at that moment, a well-known senior developer of our community, Ashwin from TechJoomla started to submitted commits and sending feedback. For instance, a new way to configure the developer setup, without the need of virtualization, is now being tested.At this point, the presentation was a total success. However, our work was only starting.

After JAB, we upgraded our Jenkins environment, synchronized all repos and the staging site to finally release the new commits.These are exciting times and we are ready for more innovation to improve our directory. If you would like to contribute and enjoy fun time with Joomlers, please contact Jaz: jaz.parkyn (at) extensions.joomla.org.

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