18 March 2016

Protect Your Joomla Site with a SSL Certificate

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Protect Your Joomla Site with a SSL Certificate

A SSL certificate is what makes possible to access a site through https -  the "s" is for "Secure".

If your Joomla site allows user login and registration,  you need an SSL certificate as soon as possible to keep the information your users submit encrypted. Otherwise, if any of your users login connected through public WiFi, their data will be submitted as plain text and can be intercepted by other people.

In two steps, solve this requirement.


Install SSL certificate

Contact to your hosting provider to know the procedure to get an SSL certificate installed within your website.

Once the certificate is properly enabled, you can access your site by using https (with “s”) in the URLs.

Go to https://www.yoursite.com - if the page loads fine without warnings, it confirms you’re ready for the next step.


Enable SSL from backend

Login to your backend, and go to:

  • System
  • Global configuration
  • Server
  • Forcer SSL: “Entire Site”


  • Save and close

From now, your Joomla site will be protected; you don’t need to worry about login from a public WiFi. Your login details will be encrypted.


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