31 July 2016

Switch a Batch of Modules to a New Position

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Switch a Batch of Modules to a New Position

Let's say you are switching to a new Joomla template and the position names differs from your old template; for example, the "left" position doesn't exist in your new template, instead is named "sidebar1".

Certainly you may edit each module to assign it to the new module position, but what if you have more than 50 modules? That would be an exhausting and repetitive work!

In this post, I'll share with you a quick way to switch all your modules from a given position to another one.


Filter your modules

  • Go to Extensions > Modules

joomla switch module position

  1. Click "Search Tools" button.
  2. Filter modules by position.
  3. Choose 100 or "All" from the dropdown on the right side of the screen to display all the filtered modules at once.


In my example, I'm choosing "left" module position and wanted to display 100 modules as maximum.

Move the filtered modules to a new position

  1. Select all the modules resulted from previous step.
  2. Click "Batch" button.


A popup will come up:

  1. Select the new module position.
  2. Select "Move".
  3. Click "Process".


A successful message will confirm your modules has been moved to a new position.


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