24 June 2015

Why you should build emotional websites

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Why you should build emotional websites

If you really like a website, I almost bet you the reason is because you enjoy the experience. Besides if it's useful, much better!

That being said, can you mention your favorite sites and why?

If you are not sure what I’m talking about, I’ll give you a few examples so you can apply a similar pattern in your own projects.



If you like this experience, probably is due their exclusive currency: likes.

People measure digital success based on the number of “thumbs up” they get.

That’s not all, notifications and shares compliment the exciting side for this social network.


Are you enthusiastic about getting more and more followers?

People compete to reach the highest number of users by typing 140 chars. This push creativity on every tweet so readers can enjoy and decide who deserves a favorite, retweet or unfollow.

Very similar to Facebook but simpler.

News and viral sites

Reading news can be amusing, useful or funny. Lately, both type of sites often publish the same contents to increase traffic.

The shocking and amazing stories are especially attractive even if are useless; the human being seems interested in bizarre, fun and useful information; although there is no guarantee it can be practical.

The leisure pieces draw smiles. Don't judge me if I'm a fan of 9GAG too :D

Support forums

Getting answers to our questions is satisfactory, even better if is helpful to solve a problem with our site.

Forums are synonyms of help. When the traffic is good you could get free assistance in the same day.


While planning a new website, look for solutions.

  • What do your potential customers need
  • What make them smile
  • What make them succeed
The key for a success site is to make your users happy. It’s about generate emotions, positive emotions :)


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