01 May 2015

You don't know how to start with Joomla?

Written by Valentín García, Posted in General,

You don't know how to start with Joomla?

The Joomla core is powerful and flexible. I would also say is easy to use but honestly, I don’t want to hear more complaints coming from other CMS enthusiasts.

Every CMS has its own advantage, this time we are talking about Joomla (again).

So, let’s focus.

Learn the basics

Read the available documentation.

Take a look to the following links to start your Joomla journey. Requires some time to get familiar with but once you got it, you won’t regret!

Ask for help

Once in a while you would be stuck, this kind of headaches happens, don’t worry.

Luckily there are places to ask for support, we recommend the official forum to post all the details; be patience and a volunteer will spent time in your concern.

Important: don’t forget to thank you.

Be creative

The CMS not only works as is, also allows custom design, new features and more.

You can create your own templates, modules, components, plugins and customize the defaults.

Don't be shy. Is easy to be creative!

What else?

The possibilities are huge.

Takes time to learn the basics, solve issues and create your own stuff. The spent time well worth, the end result can be a great website or your new full time job.

If you go beyond, it can be your new life style.


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Valentín García

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