Disposable Email Blocker


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This plugin will help protecting your registering by accepting only valid email addresses with only javascript.

🔒 Joomla Disposable email blocker 🔥


The Disposable Email Blocker is a powerful tool designed to detect and prevent the use of disposable email services for account registrations. 🚫💻

Features ✨

  • 🛡️ Protects all HTML forms.
  • 🛡️ Detects invalid email addresses and domains
  • 🛡️ Blocks disposable email services
  • 🛡️ Blocks webmail email services
  • 🛡️ Custom error messages
  • 🛡️ Our system stays ahead of the game by continuously updating the database of disposable email providers to effectively identify new ones.


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  • Domain Search (Search emails are based on the website You give one domain name and it returns all the email addresses found on the internet.)
  • Email Finder (This API endpoint generates or retrieves the most likely email address from a domain name, a first name and a last name..)
  • Author Finder (Instantly discover the email addresses of article authors.)
  • Enrichment (The Enrichment lets you find the current job title, company, location and social profiles of the person behind the email.)
  • Linkedin Finder (The Linkedin lets you find the current job title, company, location and social profiles of the person behind the linkedin URL.)
  • Email Verifier (checks the deliverability of a given email address, verifies if it has been found in our database, and returns their sources.)


  • Liked that plugin? Hate it? Want a new feature? [Send me some feedback](mailto:support@tomba.io "Send feedback")

How to use

  • First install the Disposable email blocker plugin
  • Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Disposable email blocker free?

Yes, Disposable email blocker is a free .

Can I change Disposable email blocker settings?

Yes, you can change Disposable email blocker settings from the right sidebar.

Where can I report bugs?

Creating a new issue on GitHub https://github.com/tomba-io/disposable-email-blocker/issues

Disposable Email Blocker

Tomba Email Finder
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Jul 06 2023
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Jun 18 2023
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Uses Joomla! Update System