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This extension allows you easy and fast insert into your article links to another articles with thumbnail image.
If you want to add to your article link to to the any of your articles? you can just select it from the list of articles and block with the Intro image, Intro text and the header will be created.

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Easy way to create cool links inside your article.

- easy to use
- lightweight
- no additional scripts on the frontend
- fully adjustable design
- seo frendly

Editor - Article - Table of Contents

Editor - Article - Table of Contents

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Plugin for TinyMCE editor (default in Joomla CMS). Plugin creates Table of contents for article during editing. After installation and enabling plugin, new button "Contents" is added to Editors toolbar. You can easily create simple Table of contents - just place cursor at the position where you want to have the result and press button "Contents". All other things is done by the plugin. Base on H1 -H6 headers from your article plugin creates navigation links at the current cursor position. Text of the links is the same as content of header tags. All links points to anchors that are automatically added to all header tags. It allows your users to navigate thru the article on your site. You can edit the default heading of the Table of Contents in the plugins properties. After Table of Contents is created you can adjust the result for your needs. For example, change the links text, or order. Note, that plugin automatically sets the #id attribute for header tags to point that tags from the contents table. There is no additional scripts or css-stiles required for sites front-end.

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Last updated:
Sep 28 2018
Date added:
Sep 22 2018
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System

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