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Music Player Component is a tool for selling music. Designed for musicians who sell their music. Suitable both for sites of beatmakers selling their beats, samples, sets or one-shots, and for composers working in any direction.

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The component is fully automated, all you need is the initial setup and downloading your music! Your buyer will receive the purchase immediately after payment. As soon as payment is received the component will send a letter to the buyer with a link to download. But also automatically returns to the download page.

The component has a fairly complete filter for finding tracks by Category, Genre, Instrument and Moods. The Status-Track filter filters by Free, For Sale, Sold and Bookmarks. Sorted in Descending and Ascending order: Date, Title, BPM and Star Rating. Text Search.

The built-in audio player plays tracks without stops and has a compact playlist view. Function of mixing, playing one composition and others.

Upload covers to your songs, share in social networks (facebook, twitter, vk, google +), comment (JComments) and star rate!

There are up to five types of licenses for selling each song (for example: Lesing Right, Unlimite Right, Exclusive Right, etc.) Name them at your discretion.

The Ajax shopping cart included in the package and the plug-in PayPal gives you the opportunity to immediately launch your sales.

- Component MPC.
- Module MPC Ajax Cart.
- Plugin MPC Payment PayPal.

- Site side (frontend):
-- List of audio files with description:
--- Adaptive to all devices pattern.
--- Cover / image to audio.
--- Categories.
--- Genres.
--- Instruments.
--- Mood.
--- BPM.
--- Audio description.
--- Star rating.
--- Bookmarks/favorites.
--- Share links in social.:
---- Facebook.
---- Twitter.
---- VK.
---- Google +.
--- Integration with JComments.
--- Receive / download audio:
---- Free (FREE).
---- Pay (FOR SALE). Up to five types of licenses / prices for each audio.
---- Sold (SOLD).
-- Shopping Cart:
--- AJAX technology. Add / remove to cart without reloading the page.
-- Sort and filter audio:
--- Search by name and BPM.
--- Sort by name, BPM, date and rating.
--- Filter by category, genre, instrument, and mood.
-- Audio player:
--- HTML5 technology, Javascript.
--- Manage Start / Pause, Previous, Next.
--- Volume.
--- Repeat of list or single audio, shuffle.
--- Compact playlist.
--- Audio status:
---- Free (Download).
---- For sale (Buy).
---- Sold (Out of sales).
--- Pop-Up Notifications (PUSH).
-- Generation of PDF licenses for buyers. Based on your templates.
- Admin side (backend)
-- Audio file list. Tracks
--- Uploading demo audio files, cover, files of sale.
--- Belonging to categories, genres, tools, moods (multi-lists).
--- Set BPM, prices, descriptions, status.
--- Meta Tags
-- Categories:
--- Create a list of categories. Nested lists.
-- Genres:
--- Create a list of genres. Nested lists.
-- Instruments:
--- Create a list of tools.
-- Moods:
--- Create a mood list.
-- Transactions:
--- Sales records.
-- Contracts. License templates:
--- Create template for each of the five licenses.
-- Component Media Manager.



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AMDOX (formerly 'documents Tree') is a component used to create tree documentation on THE site. It has its own side menu with a list of categories and documents. The component used routing to improve SEF URL (search engines friendly url). You can add your own meta tags (meta Keywords, meta Description). Capability: Categories and sub-categories. Routing for SEF. Meta Tags (Keywords, Description). Automatic menu creation based on your categories and documents.
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c p
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Audio player module with a playlist and the ability to place as many copies on each page. Fast loading does not create a load on the server. Compressed JS code. Adjust the color scheme to the look of your website. Use images for each track. Publish your albums or create your own playlists. Convenient, functional and does not take place - perhaps the best solution for your site! Upload the mp3 file to your server via FTP or any file Manager and enter the path to it in a specific field. You can also specify the path to third-party servers where files are public and have an mp3 extension. Upload up to a hundred tracks in one playlist. Scope: Track images. Change the order of tracks by dragging. Auto play audio. Music plays non stop. Select player template. Select playlist template. Customize the color scheme. Push message. Notifications in the browser (requires SSL / HTTPS). Track name on the browser tab. Does not require flash player. Works in most browsers. Adaptable to all devices. Responsive. Does not display copyright and author links. Download up to a hundred tracks in one playlist. Language: English, Russian, Slovenian. Requirements: If you already have AM HTML 5 AUDIO Lite version. Remove it and then install AMHTML5AUDIO PRO. For some Joomla templates, you may need to adjust CSS styles.
AM HTML5Player

AM HTML5Player

Paid download | Multimedia Players | ArenaM
3 4 Alpha
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AMHTML5AUDIO This is an audio player module with a playlist. The player has two types of display. Fixed at the bottom of the browser window and always remains in the visible part when scrolling the page. And standard, it is displayed in the position where it was located. The playlist is hidden and is called when the player button is pressed. Has a full-screen view that is convenient when used on different devices. In the settings, you can also specify autostart audio when the page is loaded. Is able to display notifications in the browser when changing the track with its own image and track name (requires SSL / HTTPS). The track name in the browser tab. The module is extremely simple to use and does not require special knowledge. Download the mp3 file to your server via FTP or any file manager and enter the path to it in a specific field. You can also specify the path to the third-party servers where the files are publicly available and have mp3 extensions. Autoplay options Selecting the position of the player Selecting the position of the playlist Notifications in the browser (requires SSL / HTTPS) The track name in the browser tab No copyright, and author links Language: English, Russian


Last updated:
Oct 16 2018
Date added:
Sep 30 2018
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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