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Login Assistant is a simple and extremely lightweight login/redirection component for Joomla that makes logging in to your site as easy as just following a link, but still secure because both username and password (may be left blank) encoded into this link are also encrypted.

Login Assistant can login users silently if set so in component options, and both user and password are encoded in a link.

If password was left in blank or silent login was not enabled a user is first redirected to login screen with username and password (optionally) already filled in with the data encrypted in the provided link. He has just to click Login button to be redirected to the specific page of your site (also encoded in the login link).

This extension may be useful for assisted login to view demo pages of your site or a support ticket progress online. Links created by Login Assistant backend utility can be sent as email messages or inserted as a link in an article.

The target page (where the particular user will be redirected to after login) can be defined individually for each link created.

Main features:
- A user does not have to (and actually can not) know his username and password to login to your site
- Both username and password in the link generated are encrypted
- You control how your users login via Login Assistant links, if you block a user in User Manager he will not be able to enter
- Redirect-only function for the links created with no user selected
- Silent (automatic) user login if both username and password are included in a link
- All links generated by the application are saved to a log file


Posted on 26 October 2012
Great Little Extension!!! I created a maintenance site for my clients and I wanted my clients to be able to login and view site maintenance hours user specific.

So I create a new client page and use this little Component to create a custom URL from a menu link with a username and password.

Once i grab the custom URL, I then go to my clients site and create a link called "VIEW MAINTENANCE" once they click it, they are now lead to my site - they input their username and password and BAM! they see their own maintenance page etc...

Perfect solution for my situation.

Thank you very much developer for this free extension!
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Login Assistant

Alex Polonski
Last updated:
Oct 15 2020
1 year ago
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System