Take control of tracking your conversions on Commission Junction with the CJ SID Plugin for Joomla! Tracking conversions has always been a challenge for publishers in affiliate programs. Fortunately, CJ offers a way to collect a little more information through the SID value. Plug-in will automatically add the sid code to all CJ links throughout your site, you can choose from UserName, Real Name, User ID or even Page Title.

To see it in action, click on the Demo URL and scroll down, to the centered CJ banner ad. This ad uses Joomla's Banner component, and is displayed on most pages in the site. The CJ SID Plugin is configured to use the page title as the sid value, you can use your browser's status bar, or view the source to see the anchor link with the embedded sid value.

Now improved and available for Joomla! 1.6/1.7/2.5 & 3.x.


Posted on 31 December 2009
Exactly what I was looking for, exactly when I needed it. Worked instantly and perfectly. Thanks so much!

(Now can you do one for linkshare, amazon, eBay, and Google Affiliate Network -- Canadian versions? ;-)
Owner's reply: Thanks for the kind words. I'm looking into linkshare, and will see what amazon, ebay and Google support. Stay tuned :)
Google Website Optimizer (Basic)

Google Website Optimizer (Basic)

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Improve sales and conversions with Google Analytics Content Experiments. Easily run A/B tests to see what layout, image, heading or other change improves sales, subscriptions or other conversions on your site. Cut and paste Google's code, add a simple tag in your content and you'll be running an experiment in minutes. We'll do the hard work for you by automatically inserting Google's experiment...
Affiliate Trackback
Paid download

Affiliate Trackback

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Track your Commission Junction (CJ), Linkshare, Clickbank, and ShareALink conversions back to their source. This plugin automatically adds the Joomla! userid, username, real name or even page title to your affiliate reports. This plugin will even add the same information to your Google Analytics Event Tracking report so you can get the info you need to improve your conversion rates. Easy to fol...

Commission Junction SID

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Last updated:
Oct 28 2009
10 years ago
Date added:
Oct 28 2009
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System