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The fact is inevitable that Facebook is the leading social networking site at present. Having millions of members, it is the hub and companies that look to promote their products and services on a large scale. Facebook offers several functions to its members that can facilitate them by the fulfillment of their respective needs. But managing dozens of functions at a time is very complex for a company. Therefore, several tools have been created in order to simplify the activities that can be done on the social networking website.

Facebook likebox is one of the most appreciable features of the social networking website for the companies that advertise its products. Likebox is used by millions of members on Facebook and every “like” is counted as a clear evidence of the company’s reputation in the market. The Atom Facebook Like box is a module that further simplifies and configures the appearance and functions of FB. This module is quite efficient is displaying the FB walls and friends that you are looking for. Here are some of the benefits that you get by using Atom FB Like box.

• Easily Configurable: No technical knowledge is required to customize the FB Like box. The Joomla module believes in providing user-friendly interface so that the configurations can be made easily.

• Supports latest Joomla Versions: The Atom FB Like box can perform efficiently in the latest versions of Joomla, i.e. Joomla 2.5, Joomla 3.x and Joomla 3.3. It makes the module versatile in nature.

• No API needed: The extension uses the latest script which eliminates the need for FB API ID because it uses v2.

• Switching: You can switch between iFrame and HTML5 as per your convenience to enjoy some advantages that are unavailable for members who don’t use Joomla FB Module.

• Custom settings: The plugin facilitates custom settings in the view. You can change he width and height from backend to suit your preferences.

• Two Themes: The Atom FB Likebox offers two themes to the users. You can switch between light and dark themes for an eye-soothing experience.

• Header hiding option: If you don’t like the header while focusing on likebox, the Joomla module gives you an option to hide it.

• Border Hiding Option: Like the header hiding option, you can also remove the borders for your convenience.

• Free of cost: You don’t need to pay a penny to get the Atom FB Likebox. Therefore, all the features and benefits can be enjoyed for free.

All the benefits are provided by the Atom FB Likebox to all the members of the social networking site who uses Joomla. The Joomla FB Module has the capability to display FB friends and walls in an efficient way in order to remove the complications. Therefore, companies as well as individuals can use the Atom FB Libebox to have a better experience of the leading social networking site.

Atom Facebook Likebox

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Oct 01 2018
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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