Site protection, Spam Protection, Access & Security

A Plugin for Joomla 3.x which includes the Bot-Trap-Script against Spam from bot-trap.de into your Joomla installation.

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For the correct function of the plugin you'll need the script from bot-trap.de, which you can get there after a registration and introduction on the forum (Forum in German).
The plugin can also include a black- and/or a whitelist. With these lists you are able to write own blocking or annihilation rules to extend or overwrite the rules of the script.

Please extract the archive first. In there is a readme.txt with installation instructions, a JPG image with the parameters of the plugin and two templates for the black- and the whitelist.

- Update server added


Posted on 08 March 2015

Sehr einfach

I used this to: Ein Plugin das sehr einfach gehalten ist und dazu auch noch selbst für den noch so unerfahrensten Joomla Nutzer einfach zu bedienen ist.



Posted on 22 April 2013

This volunteer project requires registration. Please read the registration rules that they use to determine if you are authentic. I believe if you tell them enough to determine that, there is no problem.

As someone said, everything is in German. IDK about that person, but my browser automatically translates for me. Personally, I am happy to get a tiny taste of the experience 90% of web users have, which is reading strangely translated text from the Internet. It certainly does me no harm.

At any rate, presuming you can find a way around the language barrier (in my case, with automatic tools), their forum is well organized. Their bot installs without a hitch. I haven't yet received my access info (this is the patience issue, I just started this a few minutes ago and wouldn't be surprised if it takes a whole day to get that-- they are volunteers, with jobs, etc.) but I am pretty sure that it will be smooth sailing. This is clear from the quality of their work that I have seen so far.


Posted on 28 March 2011

Nice plugin ...

Easy to install ...

No Idea

Posted on 20 March 2010

Unless you read German, forget it.

LUCiD LEO Translation

LUCiD LEO Translation

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This module for Joomla uses the service from LEO (http://dict.leo.org) to translate words from English, French, Spain, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese an Polish to German and vice versa. The module has the ability to select the target window, the default language for translation and which translation language will be shown on the frontend. Furthermore the module offers additional parameters to tweak the layout. V1.8 - Update server added - Layout fix V1.7 - Two new languages was added. Portuguese and Polish. - Bugfix. Missing directory separator - Same code base and installer for J2.5 and J3.x
LUCiD Pro-Adblock

LUCiD Pro-Adblock

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Lucid Pro-Adblock is a plugin to display an overlay upon entering the page if the user has no AdBlocker installed. Advertising that appears on Web pages may pose a security risk. At present, the advertising consists of embedded third party content. These contents are not under editorial control of the owner of the website and adds a repeated criminal exploitable attack vector to the site. An adblocker protects a user's surfing. Based on a WordPress plugin from da]v[ax (blog.todamax.net) and Sergej (derzweiteknall.wordpress.com). More inspiration from Richard Eisenmenger (joomla-handbuch.com) and his JH Splash Screen Plugin. The plugin uses JavaScript to display the overlay and a cookie to use the page without an Adblocker anyway. The appearance can be customize in the backend with CSS properties. The displayed text can be supplied directly at the plugin settings, also with HTML formatting, or an article for displaying in the popup can be selected, with or without the use of content plugins. The display can be limited to certain pages and user groups. The plugin installs only from Joomla 3.4.x and above. Language files for English and German are included. History: V1.2 - Fixed: Configuration mode doesn't worked correctly anymore, after deactivating it the first time. - Add: Update server. V1.1 - Add: Detection for the popular mobile device / browser, to not show the overlay on mobile devices. V1.0.8 - JavaScript code for the header reduced. Now the code for the SqueezeBox is within the HTML body, so the LocalStorrage isn't needed anymore. - SqueezeBox doesn't scroll with the underneath layer anymore. V1.0.7 - Add: Access level control. Custom text for the popup with html markup, or a chosen Joomla article. Popup on all pages, or on specific menu items only. Color picker in the backend for some css properties. Option to activate Joomla content plugins for the displayed text. V1.0.6 - Mootools SquezzeBox integration. Known issues fixed. V1.0.5b - Mootools SquezzeBox integration. Known issues: At the moment the SqueezeBox will always be displayed at pageload, if the cookie is not detected, even if a ad-blocker is present on the client machine. This will be fixed in the next version. V1.0.0 - Refactored code for better readability, later use and stable version V1.0.0b - Initial release


Last updated:
Feb 12 2017
Date added:
Sep 21 2009
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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