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Extension for Community Builder. Creates a tab on the user's profile page and allows you to upload and listen to music. HTML5-based player provides compatibility with modern browsers and devices (on Android, iOS).

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Capabilities and features:

Plugin configuration exhibited in the administration panel ( Components / Community Builder / Manager tabs / CB Music )
Available options are:
1. Choose the color of player: (select player's template blue or black)
2. Directory to save music:
3. Max number of user's music:
4. Max File size (Mb):
5. Max User's directory size (Mb):
6. Display statistic:

You can create your own plugin display styles.
The plugin supports language files (English and Russian included)

Doesn't Work

Posted on 01 November 2015
Ease of use
Can't get it to install.
Website is in (I think Russian) hence I can't understand the site.
Website is in (I think Russian) hence I can't understand the site.
I used this to: I was unable to install.
Owner's reply: It's plugin for Community Builder you can install it on:
components/Community Builder/Plugin Management
and click install CB Plugin

Handy LIttle CB Tool!

Posted on 02 February 2013
PROS: This is a very nice and compact little audio player indeed! It is slender, sleek, doesn't eat up huge page space and has a quick load time.

CONS: the only cons I see really is that there is no percentage bar or readout to indicate how much file upload is left. There is only a little animated box to show this. One other little thing I noticed was the pause button on the side of audio file name titles doesn't actually pause audio files or show a pause / play icon when they are paused, playing or stopped.

All in all though this plugin is pretty nice so don't let any thing here influence you into not using it. It is worthy of use. If the above could be added and perhaps even album covers to go with audio files, that would top this little gem off.

Thank you for your efforts gone into this plugin. It is great to see more non-commercial extensions become available.

Amazing CB Plugin!!!

Posted on 24 January 2013
Extremely simple, and easy to use.

I have a musicians website, and this plugin allows every one of them to add MP3 files to their community builder profile.

Thank you for the developer for this FREE cb mp3 plugin.

Simply the best.

Posted on 16 September 2012
So easy to install, even easier to use, perfect and flawless.

CB Music

Last updated:
Aug 23 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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