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CMSnipcart is a Joomla! component for building an ecommerce website powered by Snipcart and Joomla! CMS.

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Snipcart is a “lean, powerful HTML/JavaScript shopping cart” which can be used on any website. You just need to include some lines of code and start selling, Snipcart takes care of your payments, order history, your customers... so you can have a shopping site running quickly. There is no setup fee or monthly fee, Snipcart takes a small 2% fee of your sale or only $10 fee if your monthly sales are under $500. You can find more info about Snipcart at

Because Snipcart is an HTML/JavaScript shopping cart, you can find it difficult to setup your site if you are not a web developer or if you are not familiar with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. CMSnipcart helps you do all of the technical tasks to have a Joomla! website with Snipcart integrated.

CMSnipcart includes:

  • CMSnipcart component: the main component for managing your store.
  • CMSnipcart system plugin: inserting Snipcart code into Joomla! pages.
  • Profile module: showing login, logout buttons and Snipcart order history.
  • Shopping cart module: showing items in Snipcart shopping cart.
  • Products module: showing list of products horizontally or vertically.

Technical Requirements

CMSnipcart is compatible with Joomla! 3.x.x. The latest version of Joomla! is recommended. CMSnipcart is NOT compatible with Joomla! 1.x.x and 2.5.x.
Please check Joomla!’s Technical Requirements for more information of Joomla!’s requirements.



  • Show list of all products or products in a specific category.
  • Select product attributes (like size, color...) and quantity before adding to shopping cart.
  • Control product’s stock.
  • Like/share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.
  • Zoom product’s image.
  • Change product’s image based on selected attributes.
  • Shopping cart module.
  • Products module to show a list of products horizontally or vertically.
  • Module for Snipcart profile.


  • Manage products, categories, product attributes, discounts, order custom fields, orders and customers.
  • Customize Snipcart’s texts (localization).

Upcoming features

We keep improving CMSnipcart, here is the list of the new features which will be added to CMSnipcart in future

  • Module to list categories.
  • Support Snipcart alternative price for product.


You can try CMSnipcart at with username "demo" and password "demo".


You can view documentation for CMSnipcart at

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May 17 2016
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Jan 06 2016
GPLv2 or later
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