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Cool TimeLine Module is an excellent module to show your K2 and Joomla Core Content in a Historical Timeline on your Joomla site.

You can use the module for several purposes.

✔ Show Any Historical Content
✔ You can use at your about us page for telling some information about your company
✔ You can use for past activities & events
✔ Show Your Content Historically

Very Easy to use!
All you need to do is :

★★★★ Installing Module via Joomla Installer

You can Set Parameters at module back-end and control easily.

At module back-end, available parameters:

✔ Select Joomla Core Content or K2 Content
✔ Set Width and Height Dimensions
✔ Easily Set the date / time chronologically via article dates
✔ Auto Start Animation
✔ You can set Animation Speed
✔ You can set Animation Duration
✔ You can set Animation Direction
✔ You can show any date / event as default at start
✔ Select Any Content Category to show, Exclude Categories
✔ Multiple Category Selectable
✔ You can show or hide Images
✔ You can show or hide Read More links to content
✔ You can re-size the Images

★★★★ V.2.0 ★★★★
✔ Responsive Styles Improved
✔ Joomla 3.x fix compatibility
✔ JED compatibile

★★★★ V.1.1.0 ★★★★
✔ Styles Improved

★★★★ V.1.0.9 ★★★★
✔ Bug Fix at Helper File

★★★★ V.1.0.8 ★★★★
✔ JS File MiniMized

★★★★ V.1.0.7 ★★★★
✔ You can show events/issues only with day of the week.. e.g. FRIDAY - SATURDAY - SUNDAY and so on...

★★★★ V.1.0.6 ★★★★
✔ Added CSS Rules for better layout and container to carry as much as possible events

★★★★ V.1.0.5 ★★★★
✔ Layout CSS Issue Fixed

★★★★ V.1.0.4 ★★★★
✔ Showing Date Options Added
✔ Only Year
✔ Only Month - Year or
✔ Month - Day - Year

★★★★ V.1.0.3 ★★★★
✔ Retrieving K2 Items
✔ Special Parameters for K2 Items

★★★★ SUPPORT ★★★★
✔ We have a perfectly working support! Support is available directly from developer at Forum!
✔ We assure to solve issues latest in 12 Hours!
✔ We are open for suggestions, never hesitate to share with us. We like to update our work regularly especially with your suggestions.

Cool Flip Book

Cool Flip Book

Paid download | Slideshow | PluginValley
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★★★★★ JOOMLA FLIP BOOK IS POPULAR! ★★★★★ Joomla Cool Flip Book enables you to show images from a folder as a catalog or flip book on your Joomla site. You can use the module for several purposes. ✔ As a Catalog ✔ As a Photo Album ✔ or showing Product Images ✔ and we are dedicated to improve it & Update you regularly! Very Easy to use! All you need to do is : ★★★★ Installing Module via Joomla Installer You can use module parameters at module back-end to ✔ Set Parameters ✔ Set Direction - LTR or RTL ✔ Show book opened or closed at start ✔ Container Width ✔ Container Height ✔ Show Page Numbers or ✔ Show Next Page Preview ✔ Show Preview Page Preview ✔ Set Page Speed ✔ Set the start page ✔ Enable or Disable Tabs for Control ✔ Enable or Disable Arrows for Control ✔ Publish ★★ For style customizations; there is a css file ★★★★★ UPDATES ★★★★★ CURRENT VERSION V 2.0 ★★ V 2.0 ★★ ✔ JED compatibile ✔ FIx responsive version ★★ V 1.0.7 & V 1.0.8 & V.1.0.9 ★★ ✔ Better Organized Styled added ★★ V 1.0.6 ★★ ✔ Bug Fix. Thanks to Shaun for informing us. ★★ V 1.0.5 ★★ ✔ You can add a page select menu, with this your visitors can go to any page easily ✔ Added new option for flipbook selector, with this you can show several flipbooks in the same page ★★ V 1.0.4 ★★ ✔ Sort Issue Fixed ★★ V 1.0.3 ★★ ✔ CSS Fixes ★★ V 1.0.2 ★★ ✔ You can set to show full image size in a modal popup ★★★★★ SUPPORT ★★★★★ ✔ We are well know with the support we provide. We are almost 24 hours online and assure you solving any of our extensions related issue in latest 12 hours! ✔ You are welcome if you have a suggestion, we are looking forward hearing suggestions! ★★★★★ USER GUIDE PDF or VIDEO ★★★★★ ✔ This extension is very easy to install and use and each module parameter explained well, all you need to do is rolling your mouse over the parameter label, a short description will be shown in a tool-tip.

Cool TimeLine

Last updated:
Jun 20 2017
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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