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WEBO Site SpeedUp component + plugin for Joomla speeds your website up by applying all client side performance rules. Make your website faster than lightning!

Avg. acceleration is 2.5x (+21 in YSlow grade, -35% in size, -43% in objects). Check out acceleration statistics

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Poor support

Posted on 01 October 2012
Paid over $2,000 over 2 months ago & still have not received a performance report promised to me on numerous occasions.

My front page disappears every 24 hours or so & I have to manually go in and refresh the cache.

Pages are just as slow if not slower to load than the ordinary cache that comes with Joomla.

All promised to be fixed over a month ago and there has been no activity at all since that time so I know nobody from the webo company has even looked at the problem.

Would really like to see a return on the investment but am starting to think the money was wasted.

So far for 2K I got the default install of the enterprise version of Webo with no specialist adjustments as promised.
Owner's reply: Hello. There are multiple SEO issues with website which prevents normal caching of home page (index.html replaces index.php, former is served w/o 404 headers). We are working on this issue not to damage overall caching system.
All the rest work with complete optimization package is done, website made faster about 3x.
I use webo now since a long time. In earlier times it was the free version and since i use it for commercial projects i bought now the SAAS Version what works with credits. I would say that this component worth every penny what i have invested since beginning. Because my sites get double faster than before.

Google can crawle my sites faster and i get a better PageSpeed and Yslow Rating. The loading times was really fast now and i´ve even tested it from different locations all over the world with the same webhosting company. Great results & superb support.

thank you very much for this great software!
Using WEBO Site SpeedUp an extended version in Joomla 2.5 and 1.5 since version 1.3.2 (January 2011).

Advantages: association of CSS-files. Combining JavaScript-files. Minimization of the CSS-files. Minimization of the JavaScript-file. Gzip-compression for CSS, JavaScript, fonts, HTML. Client caching. Caching of CSS-files, JavaScript-files, images, fonts, video files and other files on the client. Setting up the server with. Htaccess. Using mod_expires, mod_headers, mod_setenvif, mod_rewrite, mod_mime. Using the data: URI. Using TSDN and more.

Disadvantages: very high cost of expansion and technical support.

It has a very user friendly and intuitive interface. You can vosspolzovatsya one of the configurations by default, change it or create your own. Can significantly speed up the site and reduce the load on the server (after filling the cache).

Support - excellent.

I use this extension on my personal blog .

Engaged in web technologies since March 2007. Use Joomla since December 2009.
will mess up your site. had some components and modules installed on my site, it messed them up. removed their xml files. some of the images are still messed up. Gcalendar is still not working after i uninstalled component.
Owner's reply: Component doesn't touch any of your website files except .htaccess. And after uninstallation all website functions are the same as before component installation. If you write your issue to with website access - we will help you with it's resolving.

quite bad ?

Posted on 11 March 2012
After activating Webos's javascript-procedures in the given BASIC configuration for watching the gained speed, the ajax search form doesnt work anymore (opens up in a new window instead inside the page). But deactivating or (later) deinstalling webo site speedup doesn't changed it back to where it was before !?

I can't work out, where i have to look for any changed files that remains after deinstallation..?

Shouldnt it made backups before changing files and put it back while uninstalling ?

But pain doesnt stop there: after reinstallation webo wont start anymore. Just showing up "0%" for a second and remains disabled.

Nevertheless, -i can't find a support forum where a solution should be waiting for me to find it, cause im surely not the only one.

Do i have to run up and down for - maybe ? - find a solution ? Really ?? (Btw i did it and i didnt found anything).

Very bad state of scripting and supporting, isnt it ?
Product is not bad, but as soon as I enabled it I got my Admin zones Global Configuration problem. It is real disaster Global Configurations open unstiled(black and white) and dont work.
Owner's reply: We are sorry about such product behavior. Please provide access to the website to - we will investigate and fix this situation.

Break my site

Posted on 12 January 2012
At installation, problem to write setup.xml and my frontend broken.

Finally I succed to install it manually (FTP + MySQL) and it was for uninstall it immediatly !

Be careful with it ...

I don't give à 0 just because i'm not a specialist ...
Owner's reply: Please contact our support team to reproduce and fix possible issues. Setup.xml doesn't belong to product package, maybe there was an internal Joomla! error.
This component does what is says, it make the site smaller, faster and improves ranking.

My site got A and B with a loading speed increased from over 40 sec to 6 seconds after enabling it, however.

It may stop some features from working by merging an in-line JS code. It happens with SOBI2. The category tree on the Add Entry Form may not expand. This is caused by Java script merging but you can untick Java merging by editing the Options.

waiting for more

Posted on 07 May 2011
I think the component is more than good but have a way to fully optimize the site. I would like to thank the authors for their great programming and also good backend menus. I should also ask the authors to put more functionalities in their free version and update the software links more frequently.
I installed the free version of WEBO today, and it immediately disabled the administrator section of my site. None of the menu links work, nor do the page navigation options in pages like the plugin manager. Worst of all, I cannot click on "Components" in the extension installer, so I am unable to remove this component. If I can't figure out how to manually remove webo, I'll have to restore my site from a backup. Total disaster.
Owner's reply: In some rare cases .htaccess changes can conflict with current server environment. To quickly restore website functionality it is enough to copy .htaccess.backup to .htaccess in the website root (or remore rules within # Web Optimizer ... # Web Optimizer end in .htaccess file).
We also will be very pleasant if you contact support about this issue and we can trace and improve this perfect applicastion.

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