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Gain Facebook friends, and display your Facebook Page today. Download Custom Facebook Display now. Custom Facebook Display can be used to customize various backend options, and embeds any Facebook profile on your website.

Download Custom Facebook Display in order to display any Facebook Page via the configuration of Custom Facebook Display with a Facebook Page URL and Facebook Graph API Key, or Facebook App ID.

Downloading Custom Facebook Display allows you to display Facebook friends, Facebook pages, Facebook timelines, Facebook photos, and other Facebook options. Use Custom Facebook Display to gain new Facebook friends.

Custom Facebook Display Product Features

Custom Facebook Display is a free Facebook Joomla extension with easily accessible and customizable product features. The important Facebook product features of this Custom Facebook Display include:

  • Customizable Facebook Display: Easily customizable Facebook design display allows for the display and concealment of Facebook member faces and photos. Admin settings allow for easy changes to Facebook display header sizes, as well as to customize other Facebook display features so that your Facebook extension matches your website theme.
  • Simple Backend Controls: Simple, easy to use extension configuration for your Facebook display.
  • Lightweight Facebook Extension: Custom Facebook Display is a lightweight extension that will not take up unnecessary space, nor otherwise compromise website operations as web visitors view your Facebook page display remotely.
  • Clean Coding: This Facebook extension possesses guaranteed clean coding.
  • Easy Module Positioning: Our Custom Facebook Display can be positioned anywhere on your website in order to display your Facebook page by complementing the design theme of your website.
  • Enhanced Facebook Visibility: No matter where you place or display the Custom Facebook on your website, Facebook content such as videos, Facebook friends, and Facebook timelines will be visible and clearly displayed.
  • Easy Facebook Graph API Key and Facebook Page URL: Access your Facebook Page URL by simply plugging in your Facebook page username into[Facebook Page Username/Name]. Click here to learn to access your Facebook Graph API Key.

Custom Facebook Product Specifications

Below are Custom Facebook Display’s product specifications:

Class: Module Class suffix for Joomla Facebook Extensions.
Base URL: Facebook Page Base URL.
Stream Display: Display and conceal Facebook pages.
Face Displays: Users can display and conceal the faces of Facebook Users and Facebook friends who have “Liked” the Facebook page.
Number of Facebook Friends Display: Choose the number of Facebook faces that will displayed by the Custom Facebook Display plugin.
Facebook Container Background & Facebook Container Border.

Download Custom Facebook Display Today

Download the Custom Facebook Display for your website and embed your Facebook page on your website. This Facebook joomla extension can be customized to various widths and heights so that your displayed Facebook Module easily compliments your web page theme and design. Use Custom Facebook Display to show off your Facebook page remotely, attract new Facebook friends and Facebook contacts. Download Custom Facebook Display now.

works fine. however does contain links to various websites. Its real small located at the bottom right of the extension.
Ease of use
easy to use. however does contain links to various websites. Its real small located at the bottom right of the extension.
I used this to: Contain links to websites. Its small located at the bottom right of the extension. You can view on frontend after extension is installed. Was displaying & linked to "forlift certification" After update it now shows "CPR Certification". All link to websites you can't remove links.
This extension works as I expected.
Ease of use
Simple and quick install, Very easy to use.
Very fast and efficient support.
Very clean documentation and it's enough I think..
I used this to: I use this extension to display my Facebook fan page activities on my website.
Works perfectly. Up and running in no time.
Ease of use
Easy to use. Thanks for the instructions.
I used this to: I found this developer while looking for twitter mods. This Facebook one is great. Thanks for the widget.
Displays an error, keeps putting in an API key when I delete it. Unless there is something there you can't save it. It appears this doesn't work with 3.2.3.

Simple and Smart

Posted on 16 October 2013
I had Just installed the Product for my website. It's installation is very simple(Will take Couple of Minutes) and working Perfect for my website. Thank You !!

The One Facebook display module

Posted on 19 September 2013
Just installed the exptension and it worked in minutes of very clear configuration. I was relieved to finaly find a working facebook display module, after trying 5 different options beforehand. Great Job!

Works Great!

Posted on 17 August 2013
I am building a website for a customer and wanted to display their FB feed on the page.

After trying many of the extensions on here with no luck I was about to give up hope and gave this one a shot.

Had it working within 2 minutes. I'm very pleased, thank you!
Thanks, this was easy to install and use. Works perfectly in a matter of minutes. Exactly what I was looking for to show a simple Facebook feed on a business website.
Custom Twitter Display Widget

Custom Twitter Display Widget

By Omeed Adab
Social Display
This Custom Twitter Module is a joomla extension with a professional look and a wide assortment of customizable options. Download and install the Custom Twitter Module for free, in order to embed multiple Tweets onto your website’s webpages. Our compact, professional looking, single-column embedded timeline Twitter display allows for the easy display of new tweets, linked directly from either...

Custom Facebook Display

Omeed Adab
Last updated:
Mar 08 2019
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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