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This simple module integrates Disqus! comment system into Joomgallery Detail View. All setting are changed via your account at Disqus. You have to log-in/register there to change them.

1. Download and install module
Then find the installed module in module manager and change "Disqus shortname" under options to you Disqus shortname. You get your shortname when you register with Disqus. If you do not have one go to Disqus site and register.

  1. You will have to change module position to "jg_detailpane" NOTE: You can not select that position from drop-down list, you will have to enter it mannually. Just click the field next to the search icon and paste it there. Then hit enter.

  2. You have to assign module to pages that are using Joomgallery Category View (or other).

If you want to change the default "Disqus for Joomgallery" header you have to change your module title. Do not forget to set "Show Title" to "True". For example the default is "Disqus for Joomgallery" but if you change module title to example "Comments" then the panel heading will be "Comments".

There are no other options because all are on Disqus website, login there and change them.

Possible problems: Disqus is not loading. This is because your website is slow. Optimize you website.

Disqus for Joomgallery

Alberto Poljak
Last updated:
Oct 30 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System