Date & Time, Appointment & Schedule, jQuery scripts

Easy Timetable allows you to build beautiful responsive Schedules thanks to a user friendly Drag & drop interface. Ideal for weekly recurring activities or schedule for multidays one-shot events.

A few features of this very easy-to-use system :

  • Time mode - Choose 12-hour (am/pm) or 24-hour mode,
  • Drag & drop activities to the schedule
  • Ajax saving,
  • Responsive design,
  • Frontend & backend management,
  • Easy customization,
  • jQuery based cross-browser interface
  • Unlimited activities,
  • Unlimited Timetables
  • Compatible with EasyTimetable module 1.2.0
  • Joomla! 3.6 compatible

Changelog v 1.6.3:

  • Compatibility to Joomla 3.7 added
  • Fix dashboard issue with some php configuration
  • Fix list checkboxes display with some Chrome configurations
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Easy Timetable permet de créer et gérer très facilement des plannings ou des emploi du temps pour tout type d'activité, grâce à un système de glisser/déposer. La nouvelle version 1.2.0 permet de gérer plus facilement les activités via la page d'édition des plannings et rend l'utilisation du composant encore plus rapide.

Quelques informations techniques :
- Gérer l'ajout d'activités via le planning
- Glissez et déposez les activitiés dans le planning
- Choix du Mode horaire 12h (avec am/pm) ou 24h
- Enregistrement Ajax
- jQuery Drag and drop
- Activités illimitées
- Plannings illimités
- Système d'autocompletion des champs horaires
- Design responsive
- Personnalisation
- Compatible avec Easytimetable module

Disponible aussi en version Extended 1.5 avec beaucoup + de fonctionnalités :

  • Création d'activité via le planning
  • Affichage adaptatif (hauteur des cellules adaptées en fonction de la durée des activités) Système de champs d'information affichés dans une infobulle et/ou dans la cellule
  • Filtre dynamique des activités sur la vue planning
  • Durée des activités illimitée (max 60 min dans la version gratuite)
  • Nombre de colonnes et de cellules illimité (max 7 et 18 dans la version gratuite)

"من السهل الجدول الزمني" لإنشاء وإدارة الجداول أو الجدول الزمني لأي نوع من النشاط، من خلال نظام السحب / الإفلات بسهولة. النسخة 1.2.0 الجديد يمكن أن تدير أكثر سهولة والأنشطة عبر صفحة تعديل الجداول ويجعل من استخدام عنصر أسرع. ** بعض المعلومات التقنية: ** - إدارة مضيفا الأنشطة من خلال التخطيط - اختيار وضع جدول 12H (مع صباحا / مساء) أو 24 - التسجيل اياكس - مسج سحب وإسقاط - الأنشطة غير محدود - جداول غير محدود - نظام "جداول الحقول تكملة - تصميم استجابة - التخصيص - متوافق مع Easytimetable ### وحدة متوفرة أيضا في الإصدار 1.5 مع الكثير الموسعة + الميزات: - إنشاء الأعمال التجارية من خلال التخطيط - العرض على التكيف (خلايا ارتفاع تكييفها وفقا ل مدة النشاط) الحقول نظام المعلومات المعروضة في تلميح أداة و / أو الخلية - الأنشطة مرشح الحيوي على عرض الجدول الزمني - الأنشطة غير محدودة الوقت (الحد الأقصى 60 دقيقة في النسخة المجانية) - عدد الأعمدة والخلايا غير محدود (بحد أقصى 7 و 18 في النسخة المجانية)

“易时间表”创建和轻松管理日程或时间表的任何类型的活动,通过拖/放系统。新版本1.2.0可以更容易地管理通过日程的编辑页面的活动,并利用更快的组件。 一些技术信息: - 管理通过规划增加的活动 - 日程12H模式选择(带AM / PM)或24 - 注册阿贾克斯 - jQuery的拖放 - 无限活动 - 无限时刻表 - 系统“日程安排自动完成场 - 响应式设计 - 定制 - 与Easytimetable ###模块兼容1.5版本也可提供大量的扩展功能+: - 创建企业通过策划 - 自适应显示器(高度细胞根据调整活动持续时间),在工具提示和/或单元格中显示系统信息字段 - 上议事日程视图动态过滤器活动 - 时间无限活动(最多60分钟的免费版) - 列和单元格数目无限(最多7和18的免费版)

"EasyTimetable" para crear y gestionar los horarios o el horario para cualquier tipo de actividad, a través de un sistema de arrastrar / soltar fácilmente. La nueva versión 1.2.0 puede administrar más fácilmente las actividades a través de la página de edición de los horarios y hace uso del componente más rápido. ** Algunos datos técnicos: ** - Gestionar la adición de actividades a través de la planificación - Elección de la modalidad de planificación 12h (con am / pm) o 24 - Registro de Ajax - jQuery Arrastrar y soltar - actividades ilimitadas - Listas ilimitadas - Sistema Listas de campos de autocompletar - Diseño de respuesta - personalización - Compatible con Easytimetable módulo ### también disponible en la versión 1.5 de Larga lot + características: - la creación de negocio a través de la planificación - Mostrar adaptativa (células de altura adaptarse en función de la duración de la actividad) campos del sistema de información mostrados en una punta de la herramienta y / o de la célula - actividades del filtro dinámico en la vista de calendario de actividades ilimitadas - Tiempo (máx 60 min en la versión gratuita) - Número de columnas y celdas ilimitado (max 7 y 18 en la versión gratuita)

"Easy dell'orario" per creare e gestire orari o programma per qualsiasi tipo di attività, attraverso un sistema di drag / drop facilmente. La nuova versione 1.2.0 in grado di gestire più facilmente le attività attraverso la pagina di modifica degli orari e si avvale della componente più veloce. ** Alcune informazioni tecniche: ** - Gestire l'aggiunta di attività attraverso la pianificazione - Scelta della modalità di programmazione 12 ore (con AM / PM) o 24 - Registrazione Ajax - jQuery Drag and drop - attività illimitati - Orari illimitati - Sistema 'orari campi completamento automatico - reattivo design - personalizzazione - Compatibile con Easytimetable ### modulo disponibile anche in versione 1.5 con lotto + funzionalità estese: - la creazione di biglietti attraverso la pianificazione - Mostra adattivo (cellule altezza adattati secondo il durata delle attività) campi di sistema informazioni visualizzate in un suggerimento e / o la cella - attività di filtro dinamico nella vista calendario - attività per il tempo illimitati (max 60 min nella versione gratuita) - Numero di colonne e celle illimitato (max 7 e 18 nella versione gratuita)

Time saver

Posted on 28 June 2016

Allows to create schedule very quickly

Ease of use

Good interface, intuitive. Many tooltips with good explanations


Very quick and nice support !


Full step-by-step tutorials


You can create Schedule very quickly and the display is quite nice (if you can choose the right colors!)

Ease of use

Pretty easy, almost everything can be done from to screen (timetable and activities).


Just one question answered within an hour, so very good


Just miss the front-end for the moment but it's quite enough to understand how it works


No sort
No copy possible
No link with joomla article

Ease of use

Quite easy after a a bit of practice for developper
More difficulties to give to clients




Not possible to give to clients

I used this to: a sport association with a lot of activities
Owner's reply: Hello Marie,
Thank you for your comment. Here are a few answers that could help you I hope :
About sorting : there a many sorting options in the backend, very useful when you have many activities. In the front-end filters are by default sorted by ID, not alphabetical (I will add sorting option in the future, as mentioned to you in your support ticket).

About copy : it is possible to save as copy activities and Timetable but it is true that the content of timetable couldn't be copy because elements loadedin them are external. A new architecture will be in place in the v2 (the v 1.5.0 has just been released) that will allowed copy an complete Timetable and its content.

About Joomla article link : in the v1.5.0 it is now possible to link to external link or menu Items which allows to link to any component inside your website including Joomla Articles. I chosed this option because many web developpers use external CCK to manage their content. It offers a larger range of link than just article link.

About Ease of use : Everything in the developement is focused on the ease-of-use, so I'm disappointed you found it not so easy. I'll be very glad to know what could be done to improve the usage of the component.

About the documentation: it has been rebuilt and more tutorials have added. It is now avalable in French, and still in English. Video will be added soon and more tutorials to manage th front-end. So Stay in touch.

Developing a brand new application from the basement is a very long and difficult process, thank you for your encouragments.
Best regards


easy and useful

Posted on 12 February 2016


Ease of use

very good, especially from the front office


super fast and effective


largely enough

I used this to: pilates gym schedule


Easy to use

Ease of use

Instructions are pretty easy to follow and very user friendly.

Greate extension

Posted on 24 November 2015

This product is really GREATE! It very easy and + MULTILANG.(it was very important for me)

Ease of use

It very simple to use!


I'm in love with this Product and SUPPORT!

Really easy

Posted on 04 October 2015

A very useful system to manage sport activities. I have a simple wish : to be able to put an activity in several schedules.

Ease of use

Very easy drag and drop system. Filling the timetable, and changing start time is very easy

I used this to: a website of a multi sport complex


Nice system to organize recurring activities. The 12-hour mode is welcome

Ease of use

Once you're on the timetable it's very nice to play with activities


Friendly support by email


Needs to be complemented for a few things

Easy Timetable

Posted on 29 July 2015

The drag and drop on the front end works well and makes life east for admins.

Ease of use

Once it is set-up its just drag and easy


Had a few glitches getting it to work on my site but Anthony sorted them out in double quick time....many thanks.


Could have been a little better but it sounds like the designer is putting his efforts in to a better / pro version.

I used this to: Small businnes to show customers avalible call out times.


Thank you very much for this component. I couldn't find anywhere else that kind of functionalities dedicated to schedule building

Ease of use

Frontend editing with drag and drop make it so simple to use! If 2 activities on the same cell was possible that would be even better


Documentation for the backend is good, but there's nothing for the frontend (actually it seems to be the same use)

Easy Timetable

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