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Facebook Page Plugin lets you easily embed and promote any Facebook Page on your website. Just like on Facebook, your visitors can like and share your Facebook Page without having to leave your site.

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Facebook Page Plugin is a modern facebook likebox widget for your joomla website. Soon the old facebook likebox will be deprecated. So Facebook Page Like Box is now Facebook Page Widget. It's same facebook widget but an updated version. Former Facebook Like Box is now deprecated.

Facebook Page Widget Features:

  • New Facebook Likebox Plugin.
  • Can modify width and height from backend.
  • Can display or hide post or faces from backend.

New Facebook Plugin Displays Facebook page cover photo as well. You can hide your Facebook cover if you want.

Facebook Page Widget Best Features:

  • Facebook Page Widget is free. Facebook Page Widget is best way to display your Facebook Page Likebox on your Joomla Website.
  • Very easy to configure Facebook Widget on your Website.
  • Facebook Page Widget display Facebook Likebox or Facebook Page plugin on website. Facebook Likebox looks very cool on website.
  • No need to create Facebook API. Before Facebook Likebox requires to create a Facebook API. New Facebook Page widget don’t need any API.
  • Facebook Page Widget is most popular Facebook Widget. Our facebook widget is being used on many website.
  • Easy Facebook configuration options available.
  • Facebook Page Widget is mobile responsive. Facebook Likebox look very nice on mobile devices.
  • Facebook Page Widget is a great way to get Facebook user likes on your Facebook fan page and rapidly increase your business in social media (Facebook Social Networking).

Facebook Page Widget Configuration Options:

  • Facebook Page URL: Put Facebook Page URL here. Example: or Note: You’ve to put whole facebook page url here. Also your facebook page have to be public. Facebook page widget won’t work for Facebook Profile, Facebook Events or Facebook Groups. It works for Facebook Page Only.
  • Facebook Width: Facebook width in px.
  • Facebook Height: Facebook height in px.
  • Border Color: Border around Facebook page.
  • Box Shadow Display: Box Shadow around Facebook page.
  • Hide Facebook Cover Photo: You can hide or display Facebook Page Cover using this options.
  • Show Facebook Friends Faces: You can display or hide Facebook Friend or Facebook faces using this option.
  • Show Facebook Post: You can display or hide Facebook Page posts using this option.

More Facebook Page Examples - People get confused with their facebook page url. Here's more explanation.{Facebook_PAGE_USERNAME}/
Your Facebook Username is facebook, facebookdevelopers
But if you haven’t setup your facebook page username then it can be long too.

Facebook is most popular social media platform. Facebook Page Widget helps you to display Facebook Page Likebox on your website. Facebook Page Widget makes this job very easy. By using our Facebook Page widget you can connect your website visitor using your Facebook Page. Now a days every people showcase their portfolio on facebook. That’s why it’s become very important to use Facebook Widget on website.


Doesn't work

Posted on 21 July 2018
This plugin doesn't work. It only displays the link back to their site, not the facebook feed.
Ease of use
The controls are straight forward and easy, but the plugin doesn't work.
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Facebook Page Widget

Tetsu Stuart
Last updated:
Aug 07 2018
Date added:
Apr 04 2015
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System